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We already knew it, but it’s now official, The  Cataclysm!

Go check details out here and here! (Edit) also check

I am extremely excited about it all, my dearest wish for a wow expansion was a redoing of Azeroth, and maybe something big happening that would change the world. I imagined the plaguelands green again, or desolace with flowers, or.. allot more things.  But my imagination didn’t dare to go as far as Bliz actually did.

Flooding the world? Breaking it? Awesome!

I will not add any more to this, seeing other sites offer you all the info you need. But I do have some tidbits about Mr Deathwing 🙂

Deathwing – big bad dragon – black dragonflight.
Is at this time likely in Grim Batol.

His history in short:
– His name was Neltharion, and he was(/is?) the aspect of his flight.
– He got is crazy because the Old Gods were are messing with his mind.
– They managed to convince him to create the Dragon Soul. For some reason this disk was incredible powerful, but had a weakness for dragon scales…
– He convinced the other aspects to add power to this artifact ,thus making their Flights unable to damage the disk.

Neltharion revealed the depths of his betrayal at last. He was the only one who did not give of his powers to the Dragon Soul. Now with the disc at his command he wanted all races and the demons to see his power and to bow to him. The Dragon Aspects attacked Neltharion in an attempt to take the Dragon Soul from him and to reason with him in hopes of determining the cause of his perfidy.

– He almost complety wiped the blue dragonflight, which resulted in  Malygos going mad.
– All Aspects went into hiding.

The growing corruption in Neltharion’s heart warped his body, as the angelic dragon began taking a more demonic appearance similar to how Sargeras changed to a more demonic form after his corruption. Neltharion’s body cracked open, revealing his molten heart, and magma and fire flowed off his chest. His eyes became aflame in red, demonstrating the magnitude of his power and the depths of his evil. Thus was Deathwing the Destroyer born, and the Dragon Soul was renamed: the Demon Soul.

– Deathwing went to his cave lair. Here he had armour made to protect himself from the power of the demon soul, but it wasn’t over yet.
– the  Old Gods true intention was to escape their prison, and they hoped that the demon soul could create means to that.
– But.. Malfurion Stormrage (you gotta love him!) came through the Emerald Dream and stole the Demon Soul from mr. big black death.
– Malfurion managed to not get corrupted, and after some time  (an argument with his brother and such) the stone got safe and hidden away.

This are merely a few “highlights”, I recommend further reading:

Certain legends surrounding Deathwing claim that as the Earth-Warder, Deathwing shaped the land so the races would not go to war over land and resources. When he went mad, Deathwing lowered the mountains and allowed the races to intermingle. He ruined fertile land and destroyed other terrain so that the races would be forced to fight for food.Deathwing’s efforts gave birth to an occupation that has remained with all races since then: war.

A Deathknight healing

K is convinced that healing is the most stress full, difficult job there is. He healed 4H twice on his (druid)alt. To be honest.. without me calling out “LB”, “Rejuv”, “the mage!”, he would have looked like the nab healer he is.

A Tree with moonfire?

Now turn that around, imagine ME doing dps (picture feathers instead of bark, reindeer horns instead of broccoli, got it?). It freaking stresses me out!
Unsureness creeps up on me,
I feel like I am standing in the fire constantly without knowing how to get out.

Half the time I need to ask K (in a panicky voice) which target to dps, or he has to shout at me to move from that bloody deathrune (as if it isn’t obvious glowing green). To be honest..without him yelling I would look like the nab dps I really am.

Tree vs Owl viewpoint

As a tree I focus on health bars mainly, but I am also convinced heads up healing is really important.  It gives a lot of extra awareness if you know where the persons you heal, are actually standing. So I use a combination of the 2 targeting ways.

I know how to avoid clouds on Yogg  without stopping to heal. I know where to make my WG land to get the most out of it. I know know when it is better to sacrafice the gnome for the greater good. I can keep hots rolling on 2 tanks, in the meanwhile keep several other raidmembers topped off and still position myself correctly.

My UI-setup is made for those purposes, my focuses in the middle (grid/target/focus target/myself/DBM warnings), less important stuff small on the side (buffs), MT targets bit on the right and extra boss info on the other side (the not-so-urgent stuff).  This gives me a very clear view on what is happening.

As an owl I can forget (a bit) about health bars.  I still keep an eye out for them, but less focused. My focus now is on the big guy with the skull above his head. I need to make sure my dots are on.  Need to watch their timers, eclipse timers, and  keep the rotation going.  Can not waste a single global cool down, it would hurt my dps.

When I need to move I get confused, I managed to do 3 moonfires in a row  for no better reason then to just do something with my gcd.. /blush

And yeah, it is nice that my UI is clean, but I have no time to look around me.


An owl is fun, but it isnt as easy to play as it seems. You change perspective. The way you look at things is diffrent.  My focus must be somewhere else, I get pulled out of my comfort zone. I have to stand at diffrent places, do diffrent things, and still need be able to not run into that cloud.

I do really enjoy to dps, the stress makes sure I stay on my toes. I only dpsed sofar in Ulduar 10, mainly on fights that I not find challeging as healer.  It sure does keep the fun in running Ulduar, and last but not least it gives more understanding of the fights.

It resulted for me in a sharper and better playstyle, both in bark and feathers. 🙂

So what about you? Do you get out of your comfort zone and do you enjoy it or not?


As all of you should now by now, Bliz announced the new looks for the Bear Model.

I like them! They look more flashy,  detailed and above all more druid-like. The  old bear felt a bit like you came from the woods with an unknown disease in your skin which made your mouth stay open at all occasions…

What I like even more is that they are linked to your caster looks.  Yes, I am the rare druid who actually doesn’t mind this. I have to admit my 1st reaction was a slight disappointment “but what if I want a white bear and no white hair?” /sob. But once I thought about it for 5seconds longer I realized I would hate it if it wasn’t linked to your caster form.  Your forms should still be YOU, it doesn’t make sense if you are a druid with green hair, to turn into a white bear.  Really, it doesn’t!
Your animal forms are a representation of you, which means  you in your caster form.

You tend to forgot the whole – druids are individuals too-thing, after being 1-big-mass for so long,  I think we should rejoice with our new more personalized looks.
Can’t wait till tree and moonkin forms get their change, I won’t hold my breathe until that happens tho…

~ Serae

Greetings  lesser beings,

I am not sure if we ever met? Ah well,  no need to  introduce yourself really.  I do not care who you are or what you do. The only thing I care about is how you can help me with my MPTRTW*.
So tell me, are you powerfull? Rich? Handsome? Up for a challenge? Have the knowledge to bend demons to your will? Know how to handle the subtile flows while draining out a soul?

*cough* I am starting to ramble, let’s go to the topic.

Today I made a start on my MPTRTW.  I didnt want to tell you this, but Serae promised me fame and glory gold if I would admit it.
I doubt she suspected my reasons, she doesnt know about my MPTRTW*grins*

One Gnome to find the Sporeggar was enough,  I loved them right away, they are perfect!
Small, afraid for big guys, working hard,  they almost like me, except for the fear and working hard part..

Sooo anways, I said to be going onto the topic: I am the CZAR.

Czar Tirza

You are giggling?!!  Pfft.. I expected that, HA!
You do not have to belief me, but I  AM the Gnome that bound them all!

Ofcourse I made sure to require some proof. As from today, my painting is on the wall in the home of Mycah.

Painting Tirza

I look good don’t I? Tirza – The Gnome to lead them into the light Darkness and bind them all….

*MPTRTW = Master Plan To Rule The World

Took a little while  and just when I was proclaiming loudly that I would never get so lucky to find a bear in a bag…





White Polar Bear

Also for moments like this the saying is made ‘ size does not matter’ :

Big isn't always better

I belief that they will bring the size up to ” normal ” bear size, which mean I will look a bit less silly, but at the same time it’s a pity.  Feeling so funny on my mount now 🙂


Today Last week I had the usual Monday feeling. Add to this the fact that it was my 1st Monday after holidays, and imagine my unhappiness. My work ain’t that bad, except that the company seems to be going down the drain… I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s not a fun time @the office.

So what do you do when you get home? Sit down! Relax! Log on and head to an Alterac Valley battle to bash and moonfire some hordes around ofcourse!

Monday cheerup moment 1:
Start of AV, my mage friend makes a food table and we decide to do a test:
How many people will click a Personal Mole Machine?

She uses the Direbrew’s Remote, and manages to aim it exactly on top of the table. Perfect 😀
We counted 12 people leaving the battle!
Couldn’t stop laughing! The stupidity…

This AV also turned out to be a very quick clean win, so we went to another one.

Monday cheerup moment 1.1
Same scenario, except that my aim wasn’t perfectly on top of the table. Still a rather few leave the battle.
A second Personal Mole Machine pops in, and more people leave. Then a 3rd person makes the AFK joke (you been tagged AFK, type /afk to remove) and the total score of people leaving is 22!
22 persons, this is more then 50% , an half AV!!
I didn’t expect this to be such a grand succes, had to laugh so hard that my belly started to ache from it.

This AV also turned out nice, long drawn, but good fighting and the Horde didn’t take a single objective down.

After realizing our luck we decided the remote is a perfect – filter out the less ‘ capable’  people- item!

Monday cheerup moment 2:
After all this action, I decided to travel to Stranglethorn Vale to pick some flowers. At some moment I dove down into the water for a stranglekelp when I felt all of the sudden a knife in my back! Poison was running through my blood and I was so stunned I couldn’t do anything.
After a few seconds (felt like hrs), I managed to put a quick heal on myself, de-poison and turn into bear form. Then I saw him:

Mr. – I like to backstab- Rogue.

He kept hitting on me and all I could do was trying to survive! I noticed then that I was running out of breathe, with my last breathe I sent out a desperate prayer to Elune and changed from fish to bear, to heal, to fish to bear… Out of intution (or a divine inspiration?) I went deeper into the water and.. I noticed I lost him. A sigh of relief, combined with a strange feeling ” where did he go?’.

I looked better, and then I saw him, a dead drown rogue, lying on the bottom of the sea.

I couldn” t help it and been giggling for a good 5minutes. Then I ran off like a madwomen fearing the anger of a certain rogue ;p

Monday cheerup moment 2.1:
So being at the other side of the Valley now I was happy with the amount of flowers I saw, but  I noticed something inbetween the trees… *scary music starts* A Mage. He was looking at a beautifull flower, but not moving. I wondered if he was listening to voices in his head or just admiring the beaty of the forest.

Before I could hold myself I turned into a cat and prowled closer to get a better view ” Hmm, he is from -the Flowerpicker Clan- This was the reason I needed! I hit him hard with my claws and nails. A Bash followed by some moonfire and only then he woke up from his trance. He tried to blast me away, but had to give in to my moonfires.. dead mage, pretty flower for me.. win-win situation I say!

Those small moments made my day 10 times better,  I logged off with a pretty happy smile on my face, 🙂


Serae and boyfriend

This is me! Just after I got my new skirt posing in Nagrand (with my other half). It feels so great to have my legs covered finally.. Pants of the Naaru Pants of the Naaru were oké, but made me feel like.. well, have a look for yourself –>>

Now with my other new shinny stuff, like  Merciless Gladiator’s Salvation *grins* I am at +1700 healing. Yes, 1700 healing!
*BIG smile*.
I feel like I finally accomplished something.

I hear you think now: But Serae, how did you get that without raiding much? I wanna look that cool too! !

Legs: see above, those Pants of the Naaru are actually a quest reward, follow the link and find them. The upgraded arena ones I got from casually playing arena’s for a while.

Weapon: also see above, If you don’t have the honor yet, consider the mace from revered at the Shattered Sun Offensive. Is rather easy to get to with some regular questing on the Isle.

Head: In my case the S1 head, so go for the S2 if you don’t have anyting similar yet)

Neck:  Also a rep item Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration , need exalted.

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Renewed life, for these leatherworking is a requirement + luck in finding the pattern on the Auction House. I bought it for some hunderds of gold, and spent another 600g on the Heart of Darknesses it needs, but well.. after doing loads of daily’s gold wasn’t really an issue. (Isn’t it there to spent on clothes anyways?)

Hands: Gloves of the Living Touch , also a leatherworking item, but boe, so you can just get it from ah or let someone else make it. Not sure about prices, in my case it was a gift:) 

Cloak: Apexis Cloak, another rep item, this time from the Ogrila . You need revered and an apexis crystal: you can summon a boss with the shards and usually they drop a crystal. I tried to kill one solo, which failed.. but with my druidfriend (see pic!) we managed to take one down, wasn’t even resto back then, druids rock!

Chest, wrist and belt: Windhawk set , requires you to be a leatherworker of course! Love this set)

Offhand: Signet of Unshakable Faith , from Moroes in Karazhan, seen it dropping several times (and I do not go that often to Kara), shouldn’t be that hard to get and else there plenty alternatives.

Boots: Forestlord Striders , also from Karazhan, Chess event in this case.

Rings: Violet Signet (quest reward Kara revered) and my brand new Vindicators Band of Salvation (honor)

Trinkets: Essence of the Martyr , from the badges vendor and a quest reward Oshu’gun Relic

So this is where I stand at now, pretty satisfied sofar with the stats. Do have a wish list lying around, but more about that later. For the looksI am more then satisfied… afterall I AM looking SIMPLY AWESOME! 🙂
Me posing

Me and Juk’Dok went on a trip last night, Darkshire we were told was a good
place for a hunt. This picture was taken halfway the road by a Night Watch. Friendly
enough guy actually [,ok.. after I made Juk’Dok stop tickling him].

Quest! Hogan: Expenses? Well I guess so, 5silver and a cookie?

No No NO
Tirza: CoW      
Hogan: I am not feeling so well, i offered you only 5 silver? Here take a gold my dear lady.
Tirza: *grins*  what about those cookies you mentioned?

                             ***Off we went to the graveyard ***                                 
Charge Juk\'D                          

undead killing spree /curse /dot /CHEER 
It only took us abouit 30min to clean the area, the cookies weren’t even completly eaten yet !
It’s a lovely creepy place.

<The loveboat, tu ta tum taa da, the love boat, something ta da laa laa> You hear this sound comming from your closet.  Curiousity wins from care, and you open to door…

You look in and see -nothing-.

A gnome is looking up to you, but you don’t notice yet. You start to wonder why your clothes are not in their usual place, and look down. <whoa>  *WTF?*. You look down again, hence you even /kneel , is this gnome really wearing YOUR clothes?

Closet Gnome Best addon since, well let’s say ever. It’s small, it’s Ace2, it’s funny, very (very) usefull and easy to use.  I only use the basic gnome, but you can add things , see for more here


A patch always come with alot of spoilers, weeks or months beforehand.  Provided you didn’t go on the testserver yourself, but did read the well known sites, you think to know everything there is to know. But no!
Some thing are usually not mentioned, those little things that make your life easier,  or more fun.
I put them in a neat little list for you, enjoy.

Number 1: Notes
I always been a big fan of being able to set notes to players in my friends/ignore list. Just a simple “can do X enchant” , or ” pug hunter who knew how traps work” or even a “funny gnome mage” note. Makes life easier, brains less busy and my memory just isn”t that good I can remember all those things…
So when I logged on and saw this feature I was a happy bird!

Number 2: where is that place? Having read about the new daily quests, knowing the stragey guid for the new instance by heart, you eager to start travelling to the new Island.
`Oh wait`.. where is that new island actually?? Luckely you will be told if you are in Shatt and pick a quest up from General Tiras’Alan.

I took his picture->

He tells you to go to Ironforge, you talk to the Flighmaster, and then it hits you * Close to Silvermoon *, the place with the bloodelves and the Sunwell issues in the past. At this moment you are glad you didn’t ask anyone where it was, but would have been happy if someone had showed a map next to the strategy guides , a simple map like this would have done the trick:

Number 4: The 2.4. patch makes for exciting typing, and can cause you to accidently
delete all the tekst you just wrote. and didnt save “just yet”, seeing you eager to write more *sigh*

Onwards, number 5: the Season 1 pvp headpiece is recolored!
It now looks a bit darker and matches better with the rest of Season 1 gear.

Number 6: You can mount while in Moonkin form! if you don’t understand the awesomeness of
this, well.. you probaly not a Moonkin :p

Seeing I didn’t have time to finish my post, combined with some clumpsey deleting, it only are 6 things I
could tell you about, but no worry.. next patch it be better, bigger and more juicy!