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Since approx. a month me and K own a house.  A real(life) house, full of .. dust.  We think it’s an awesome house, but it has a quest line, a rather long one. Once we finished we are promised an EPIC palace. But the grind is long and we only get greens dropping so far…. Thus resulting in not much wow-time and even less blog-time.

It did give me time to think about the blog and I concluded I need a better focus (subject) so I can distinguish myself more. There are enough blogs around who tell what I do, and hence do it better.  I should not let me put down by that, but to be fair.. most of my readers come here by searching for something and not come back often. /cry

In other words, my info seems to be OK, it’s just my writing that sucks. I do belief that if I can focus myself better, I can more easily concentrate on my writing, thus improving that. . The main reason for this blog was to become better after all, and I think I have become better..but it’s not enough. It’s never enough really:)

I will not give up, at least not yet, I enjoy writing, and I would almost claim I do it just for myself, it be lying though. I really hope others will find amusement or tips or giggle, or cry,.. geesh gal, get a focus!
My social voice tells me I want recognition.
I am not sure if I like my social voice.

I will put my thinking into practice next time I’ll have more time. For now 2 Pilgrim’s Bounty tips:

1. Make a macro for Turkinator!

/tar Wild
/cast Moonfire
Will make it much easier and quicker. It’s still something for the off-peak hours imo.

2. Make use of the The Spirit of Sharing buff. It give 10% extra reputation gain for an hr. Go grind those reps!

Become a Bloodsail Admiral ! Arrrr!