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Today was Pirates’ Day, YARR! It made me feel all cool and stuff, pity that shapeshifting makes you loose the cool looks 😦 Was actually rather fun to get the achievement done, the zone had a couple hordies, but they couldn’t beat my hots 🙂

AH alt disguised!

After the pirate fun, Brewfest started! Always good to get some dwarven brew. Once you completely smashed, go and complete Drunken Stupor .

A tip to complete this: take some booze and travel to Zul’Drak. If you jump from one of the higher up things that have the water flowing into them (not sure how to call them..) into one of the same things that is a lower one.. you’ll done.  ( I wonder if that made any sense to someone who isn’t completly smashed!)

Most of the achievement are rather easy, just need some time. Really wonder if  I can get all done with the limited amount of playtime I have, but keep good hope.  If there would be a match for goat riding after all…. I’d win it easily 😀

Have fun!