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One of the things that I love about wow is the small things, the little extras that Bliz put in. Not talking about all the Easter Eggs here, seeing half of the pop-refrences I do not get.

But things like: a black cat called BadluckBad Luck. Don’t make him cross your path!

Or a sign outside a store that asks if you care for some cheese while you whine?
Care for some wine with your cheese?
These are things that can make my day when I notice them the 1st time, and still make me smile the 2nd , 3rd and even 567th time I notice it.

One of the more special stores, and my no. 1 favorite, is the Dalaran pet store.  From a leech to a ball, and -everything else you can possible need for your companion- is sold in this store. Breanni

And the store owner.. none less then Breanni herself!

In the rare case you do not know who I am talking about she is, the maker/owner of - Database of small pets and more!, where you can track your collection, or find a guide to get a sprite darter, or check out my collection, or .. just go check it out yourself. 🙂

There is so much more to find in Dalaran!

Take the snake in the first-aid center – would he be poisonous?

Or else did you met Windle Sparkshine and helped him light the lights?

Looked up at Wonderworks and noticed a train going out and in the wall?

What are you favorite extras that Bliz put in? Do they make you love Dalaran as much as I do?

~ Serae