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Druids have an unique awesome trick; we can resurrect someone while IN combat!
A slight problem pops up due to the uniqueness…. no one really understands it.

They fail miserably when it comes to timing, basic understanding of the spell and the correct way of (not) asking for the resurrection.

Therefore -15 tips- which will make you a more worthy subject for us druids to focus our amazing unique ability on.

1. Do not whisper a druid (esp. a resto druid) for a combat res.  Rez me plz…
She will likely not see your whisper anyways, and else pay no attention to it. The more Zzz that are included, the lower your chances.

2. The druid, and in some cases the RL, decides WHO will get the cr.

3. Mr I- am- known- to- die- a lot- shaman who didn’t Anhk himself, or  Mr Pity-me-I-wear-cloth-mage, you both are well down on the list of  possible targets.

4. The druid, has the ultimate power.

5. Do not whine for a CR after your 1st whisper did not have the effect you wanted. You might notice that you local tree is busy with more important things. Like healing others who have to make up for your failure.

6. Spells have a range, rebirth is no exception.  You could be out of range.  The simple solution is to die within range, but wait.. the more simple solution would actually be you not dying at all.

7. You learned 6, thus if you see a tree moving towards you slowly, with arms waving into the air. Don’t panic, she is likely on her way to you, and that arm waving?.. it’s how we heal.

8. Once you are honored with an in combat res- DO NOT WASTE IT.

9. Seriously.. do NOT waste it.

10. Know When Not To Accept, keep an eye of those pretty bars of DBM. Ask yourself: Is the boss about to do a special big damage thing? If the answer is yes, do NOT accept.

11. And… Know When  to Accept, keep an eye of those pretty bars of DBM. Ask yourself: Is the boss about to do a special big damage thing? If the answer is no, DO  accept.

12. Please realize, nothing is more annoying then ressing someone, simply to see them die 1 sec after accepting.

13. We druids are not responsible for your brainless actions.  Do not yell at us if you accepted at the wrong moment.

14. Keep a health potion ready, likely you get  a big heal upon res.. but it ain’t guaranteed.

15. We are the nicest bunch around PLUS we can res you in combat, you love us.

Follow this and you friendly neighbourhooddruid will be a more happy tree friend.

(or happy owl, happy cat, maybe happy bear, but stay realistic, resto druids are the best and most friendly bush bunch around)