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Some Horde can rock?!extra fun for Brewfest:  in BRD you can make the band Tauren Chieftain come play for you! Yes, even for a night elf druid they give a personal concert, as long as you have a

Direbrew’s Remote. The only thing you have to do is to walk into the main part of the inn, talk to the goblin groupie and get rocking!

And something HUGE happened, we again manage to get our group for Ulduar together and tried Yogg….. a small 2hrs later:
Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Ain’t it freaking awesome?!

It wasn’t that bad even.  For sure way easier then Firefighter, but definitely the 2nd hardest of all achievements.  Typically enough we only killed him once before (with all Keepers up). After we done that we just went nuts on hard modes and never fully cleared Ulduar (10).  Untill Sunday that is:)

Can’t stop smiling and won’t stop flying.. its faaast! 🙂

~ Serae


Today was Pirates’ Day, YARR! It made me feel all cool and stuff, pity that shapeshifting makes you loose the cool looks 😦 Was actually rather fun to get the achievement done, the zone had a couple hordies, but they couldn’t beat my hots 🙂

AH alt disguised!

After the pirate fun, Brewfest started! Always good to get some dwarven brew. Once you completely smashed, go and complete Drunken Stupor .

A tip to complete this: take some booze and travel to Zul’Drak. If you jump from one of the higher up things that have the water flowing into them (not sure how to call them..) into one of the same things that is a lower one.. you’ll done.  ( I wonder if that made any sense to someone who isn’t completly smashed!)

Most of the achievement are rather easy, just need some time. Really wonder if  I can get all done with the limited amount of playtime I have, but keep good hope.  If there would be a match for goat riding after all…. I’d win it easily 😀

Have fun!

Today Last week I had the usual Monday feeling. Add to this the fact that it was my 1st Monday after holidays, and imagine my unhappiness. My work ain’t that bad, except that the company seems to be going down the drain… I won’t bore you with the details, but it’s not a fun time @the office.

So what do you do when you get home? Sit down! Relax! Log on and head to an Alterac Valley battle to bash and moonfire some hordes around ofcourse!

Monday cheerup moment 1:
Start of AV, my mage friend makes a food table and we decide to do a test:
How many people will click a Personal Mole Machine?

She uses the Direbrew’s Remote, and manages to aim it exactly on top of the table. Perfect 😀
We counted 12 people leaving the battle!
Couldn’t stop laughing! The stupidity…

This AV also turned out to be a very quick clean win, so we went to another one.

Monday cheerup moment 1.1
Same scenario, except that my aim wasn’t perfectly on top of the table. Still a rather few leave the battle.
A second Personal Mole Machine pops in, and more people leave. Then a 3rd person makes the AFK joke (you been tagged AFK, type /afk to remove) and the total score of people leaving is 22!
22 persons, this is more then 50% , an half AV!!
I didn’t expect this to be such a grand succes, had to laugh so hard that my belly started to ache from it.

This AV also turned out nice, long drawn, but good fighting and the Horde didn’t take a single objective down.

After realizing our luck we decided the remote is a perfect – filter out the less ‘ capable’  people- item!

Monday cheerup moment 2:
After all this action, I decided to travel to Stranglethorn Vale to pick some flowers. At some moment I dove down into the water for a stranglekelp when I felt all of the sudden a knife in my back! Poison was running through my blood and I was so stunned I couldn’t do anything.
After a few seconds (felt like hrs), I managed to put a quick heal on myself, de-poison and turn into bear form. Then I saw him:

Mr. – I like to backstab- Rogue.

He kept hitting on me and all I could do was trying to survive! I noticed then that I was running out of breathe, with my last breathe I sent out a desperate prayer to Elune and changed from fish to bear, to heal, to fish to bear… Out of intution (or a divine inspiration?) I went deeper into the water and.. I noticed I lost him. A sigh of relief, combined with a strange feeling ” where did he go?’.

I looked better, and then I saw him, a dead drown rogue, lying on the bottom of the sea.

I couldn” t help it and been giggling for a good 5minutes. Then I ran off like a madwomen fearing the anger of a certain rogue ;p

Monday cheerup moment 2.1:
So being at the other side of the Valley now I was happy with the amount of flowers I saw, but  I noticed something inbetween the trees… *scary music starts* A Mage. He was looking at a beautifull flower, but not moving. I wondered if he was listening to voices in his head or just admiring the beaty of the forest.

Before I could hold myself I turned into a cat and prowled closer to get a better view ” Hmm, he is from -the Flowerpicker Clan- This was the reason I needed! I hit him hard with my claws and nails. A Bash followed by some moonfire and only then he woke up from his trance. He tried to blast me away, but had to give in to my moonfires.. dead mage, pretty flower for me.. win-win situation I say!

Those small moments made my day 10 times better,  I logged off with a pretty happy smile on my face, 🙂