A Deathknight healing

K is convinced that healing is the most stress full, difficult job there is. He healed 4H twice on his (druid)alt. To be honest.. without me calling out “LB”, “Rejuv”, “the mage!”, he would have looked like the nab healer he is.

A Tree with moonfire?

Now turn that around, imagine ME doing dps (picture feathers instead of bark, reindeer horns instead of broccoli, got it?). It freaking stresses me out!
Unsureness creeps up on me,
I feel like I am standing in the fire constantly without knowing how to get out.

Half the time I need to ask K (in a panicky voice) which target to dps, or he has to shout at me to move from that bloody deathrune (as if it isn’t obvious glowing green). To be honest..without him yelling I would look like the nab dps I really am.

Tree vs Owl viewpoint

As a tree I focus on health bars mainly, but I am also convinced heads up healing is really important.  It gives a lot of extra awareness if you know where the persons you heal, are actually standing. So I use a combination of the 2 targeting ways.

I know how to avoid clouds on Yogg  without stopping to heal. I know where to make my WG land to get the most out of it. I know know when it is better to sacrafice the gnome for the greater good. I can keep hots rolling on 2 tanks, in the meanwhile keep several other raidmembers topped off and still position myself correctly.

My UI-setup is made for those purposes, my focuses in the middle (grid/target/focus target/myself/DBM warnings), less important stuff small on the side (buffs), MT targets bit on the right and extra boss info on the other side (the not-so-urgent stuff).  This gives me a very clear view on what is happening.

As an owl I can forget (a bit) about health bars.  I still keep an eye out for them, but less focused. My focus now is on the big guy with the skull above his head. I need to make sure my dots are on.  Need to watch their timers, eclipse timers, and  keep the rotation going.  Can not waste a single global cool down, it would hurt my dps.

When I need to move I get confused, I managed to do 3 moonfires in a row  for no better reason then to just do something with my gcd.. /blush

And yeah, it is nice that my UI is clean, but I have no time to look around me.


An owl is fun, but it isnt as easy to play as it seems. You change perspective. The way you look at things is diffrent.  My focus must be somewhere else, I get pulled out of my comfort zone. I have to stand at diffrent places, do diffrent things, and still need be able to not run into that cloud.

I do really enjoy to dps, the stress makes sure I stay on my toes. I only dpsed sofar in Ulduar 10, mainly on fights that I not find challeging as healer.  It sure does keep the fun in running Ulduar, and last but not least it gives more understanding of the fights.

It resulted for me in a sharper and better playstyle, both in bark and feathers. 🙂

So what about you? Do you get out of your comfort zone and do you enjoy it or not?



I felt like adding a bit of fun today!

Was chatting with a GM and after the regular “anything else I can do for you”, I thought to try out the sense of humor of this GM.

Knock knock?
Not the best joke maybe, but a nice GM to talk with (we started with an serious issue btw), and I never managed before to convince a GM to a knock knock joke 🙂

Have fun,


Last weeks I been boosting the most recent alt of K through a couple instances. He is been doing the same for my  alt of course!mew?
Me, being a big bad bird with lasers, killing all mobs in the way quickly and cleanly.  Trying to keep his gnomeness alive when it charges in without thought. (seriously, do all gnomes have a death-wish?). Until.. the monsters silence! Or spelllock me! Or Mr Gnome pulls when I am out of mana.  Also after each couple of pulls I  need to drink up.  It got a slight bit annoying.

K’s main is a Deathknight, and well.. they soooo much more cooler when it comes to boosting.  Self heals, no manabreaks, silence doesn’t matter, there is red goo on the floor, or other nasty stuff flying around that will kill the monsters anyways.  I got jealous. So jealous that I considered to try Feral again.  No drinking, keeping threat, doing the well.,ehm.. cool stuff ferals do. Keep in mind that at level 56 I changed from feral to a hybrid moon/treekin and never ever went feral again.  I also was an extremely bad kitty and even as bear I didn’t come out well. If there would be price for worse melee person, I’d win it easily.

But still, with time things can change right? So the idea got more shape and I started to collect some gear.  Or better, browsed the net and discovered there are no lists around that tell you “how to get decent feral gear once you done most quests that offer this type of gear OR  passed on all  feralish stuff in naxx + other instances AND want your set fast”. /sigh

Time for some out-of-the-box thinking 🙂

“How Serae got her Feralgear “

Once upon a time, in a cold and snowy area, Serae met the quartermaster of the Sons of Hodir. When she told him about her search for leather melee gear, he offered her  Spaulders of Frozen Knives (honored rep) Costs: 22g* and advised her to checkup with the paladins in Storm Peaks(Argent Crusade); they had a Cloak of Holy Extermination on offer (honored rep) Costs: 19g* and after some bargaining she got a buy 2 get none for free deal,  Skeletons beware! Serae is wielding the Argent Skeleton Crusher (revered rep) Costs 70g*. It made sense to move on towards the Knight of the Ebon Blade. With a most cute smile on her face she informed with the quartermaster there. To no avail 😦 They couldn’t be persuaded to sell a her the pretty chest , unless she would 1st do a billion tasks for them. ‘No way silly deathknights!’

Next stop would be a bit warmer at least, Scholazar Basin. Her long-tongued friends must have a shinnie spare! Indeed they did, a  Glitterscale Wrap, pretty although it doesn’t sparkle. (revered) Costs: 12g* Serae being on her way south anyways, decided to check up on the friendly fishmongers at Moa’ki. ” Been a long time Serae” the quartermaster of the Kalu’ak said “How is Pingu doing? “. After assuring them she fed him fresh fish only, and yes.. takes him regularly out on the seaside the real discussion started.  A  Whale-Skin Breastplate (honored)  23g*?! “Is that D.E.H.T.A. approved?” It appeared to be and so the chest piece got taken care off after all.Only a short flight away, at the temple of the Wyrmrest, she found some very decent bracers (well, they purple, so she assumed they decent) Dragonfriend Bracers (exalted) 19g* and they seemed happy she was willing to show off their friendship like this.Back in Dalaran the Kirin’Tor proved their weird sense of humor again, by offering her “Mind”- expanding leggings . “Mind-expanding you say? You sure about that mind part?” “Yes miss, just try them on.. ;and stop that giggling already!!” (revered) Costs: 32g* She didn’t notice any diffrence, but decided that was probaly for the best anyways. It was starting to look good, a short talk with A (guildie leatherworker) paid off in 2 more items, Eviscerator Facemask and Gauntlets (approx. 120g* in mats)

In Dalaran Serae ran into E, her lover in past times /hug E “Happen to have any rings or necks spare?” “For you? Always hon. *winks* Here you go, a  pretty ring and neck to steal the show with”
Looking through her gear she realized she was almost done. *happy smile*Up to the badges vendor for another ring and a trinket. And last but not least, wintergrap for the last trinket.
“rats”, didn’t realize I was barefooted, hmm, didn’t I .. *runs to bank*. And yes, in her bank, a bit dusty, some shoes were lying around. (ulduar drop noone in my group wanted)

Finally, looking like an almost real rogue, Serae is ready for the feral adventure!

Rogue or Druid?The END

– if calculation is correct, this cost in total 317 gold, several badges and  some time flying.
– not a single piece offers hit, enchant some pieces or change  some pieces here and there for +hit items.
Disclaimer: Prices might not be exact the same for you due to rep diffrence, or auction house fluctation. Also not everyone gets jewelry for free.
More dislaimer:  my goal was to get a feral set  without doing heroics etc. My choice for reputation vendors was based on the minimal effort required to get those pieces. Do not try this if you have to grind all the reps our first.

She is ready now for a new adventure, boosting as bear, grinding as kitty? Who knows..

As all of you should now by now, Bliz announced the new looks for the Bear Model.

I like them! They look more flashy,  detailed and above all more druid-like. The  old bear felt a bit like you came from the woods with an unknown disease in your skin which made your mouth stay open at all occasions…

What I like even more is that they are linked to your caster looks.  Yes, I am the rare druid who actually doesn’t mind this. I have to admit my 1st reaction was a slight disappointment “but what if I want a white bear and no white hair?” /sob. But once I thought about it for 5seconds longer I realized I would hate it if it wasn’t linked to your caster form.  Your forms should still be YOU, it doesn’t make sense if you are a druid with green hair, to turn into a white bear.  Really, it doesn’t!
Your animal forms are a representation of you, which means  you in your caster form.

You tend to forgot the whole – druids are individuals too-thing, after being 1-big-mass for so long,  I think we should rejoice with our new more personalized looks.
Can’t wait till tree and moonkin forms get their change, I won’t hold my breathe until that happens tho…

~ Serae

The fun starts before the fight, remember frogger? Well.. you now up down towards bomber! The details you can think out for yourself 🙂

Cross the road to Mimiron

Mimiron is a mechagnome, typically ugly and mad. At the start of the fight you want to spread yourself and the other healers a bit around. His aggro range is very short,  so you can place yourself before pull.

Phase 1: He will be sitting in Leviathan MKII
Hot the MT up asap, and keep a very close eye out for Plasma Blast. This blast will hit your MT like a truck tank. You basicly need big heals fast or he won’t make it.  Better to overheal then to let him die!
Usually after Plasma Blast he will do a Shock Blast, this is a melee range AoE -> try to get a Wild Growth on your melee before they run out, it makes them feel  special, and it might help them survive the mine they will walk over. (please melee, look before you run..)
The 3rd ability to keep in mind in this phase is Napalm Shell, it hurts a bit and is rather random but with a quick reaction of you and the other healers* it should not kill anyone. It’s pretty obvious with a big fire animation.

Phase 2: Now he moves on to his next creation: VX-001 (Anti-personnel Assault Cannon)
You have to almost hug the torso (wait until a part of the mines has gone, so you can actually walk in without suiciding yourself),  pretend to be melee and swing out Wild Growth like there is no tomorrow.  Together with rejuv and lifebloom you basicly will have to cover the raid damage.  This phase is untanked. Most of the damage can not be avoided, except some Pew Pew P3Wx2 Laser and Rockets. If you do not avoid those.. well you get instagibbed. The animation of P3Wx2 is pretty obvious he sents out pink/purplish lasers- you will stand on the other side of the lasers at the back of the torso to not get hit. As for the Rockets, to make spotting  easier, stand on the black line instead of in the torso (I am told that is just a step behind max melee range), and watch your feet closely.

Got this part down? Enough people up still? (in other words, no one died?!) Up to:
Phase 3: The head (Aerial Command Unit)
A ranged dps has to tank the head (it is floating in the air), we are using a warlock , but I am sure a shadowpriest would work just as well. Mages are often too fragile. (for anything really, but they do bring the drinks)
Your tasks are to keep up the ranged tank + the melee tank + of course the raid.. there are adds in this phase. (you might want to share your tasks with the other healers 🙂 ) Make sure you stand close-ish to the melee tank and that the whole group is on the same side of the room.  Also place yourself with a good view on the middle so you can spot bomb bots, they hurt like..hmm..bombs and you don’t want to be caught next to one.
You might notice the melee picking up items, they need to use that to get the head to the floor, so they can also dps it.  When that happens keep an extra eye out for the (melee)tank, he might need to take on a few extra mobs.
Rinse and repeat, I find this phase pretty relaxing compared to the previous one.

Phase 4: Now Mimoron will decide you have to bask in the  glorious…um..glory of. V-07-TR-0N ! (have a look here if you into comics : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voltron)
This is the last phase, all parts are now 1 ugly mad machine and you have to keep in mind they (the 1 machine is 3 parts) keep most of their abilities that you learned in the previous 3 phases. (Napalm not being one of them).
It is a rather bit chaotic, the MT needs healing, the ranged tank needs healing, and chances are the raid is taking damage, thus needing healing. Main prio for you is to heal heal and heal.
In the meanwhile keep an eye out for:
* Rockets > harder to spot (you probably won’t see the rocket launch from his back), still as deadly if you stand in them. Watch your feet!
* P3Wx2 > more tricky then in phase 2, since you are not hugging the torso (or shouldn’t be), so you will have to run like there is no tomorrow.  Do not forget to heal while running, you are a druid, a hot runner.
* Mines-> while running, watch your feet! (and the lasers, and the healthbars.. did I mention chaotic yet?), do not step on a mine!

In the meanwhile sent a prayer to Elune that your dps is doing their job and kills the parts within a certain time span of each other.  If they don’t the parts will be repaired and you pretty certain to wipe.

Assuming you came through all phases, GRATS! you just killed Mimiron(‘s machines).

This fight was for our group the 1st real challenges, sure we wiped on some more encounters, but Mimiron actually kept us busy for hours.  I enjoyed it tremendously, it sure gives a kick to see the tactics you made up finally work out.I haven’t seen the fight on 25 version yet, but am sure it’s gonna be a wipefest, already looking forward to it 🙂

~  Serae

* on our first kill we had our priest on the person with napalm, on the 2nd and 3rd we didn’t assign anyone. It did result in me keeping an eye out for it, I ran with 2 very dedicated tank healers, which led to a natural way of me doing the the patching up where needed.

Big is better.. or does it just make me look silly?

HUGE Guiding Star

Was pretty happy getting this 🙂 Besides it’s size, also statwise the Guiding Star is a big step up from my Hammer of the Astral Plane.

To stay on the topic of Big (sorry Phaelia, but I assume you ARE getting bigger ) , I am proud to say I wear Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed. Very Pretty Dress!
Actually I already have this lovely robe for a while, K found it on the Auction House and gave it as an early birthday present to me.
He is rather nice for a Deathknight…

The last Big is better(?)issue refers to a chicken moonkin on a chicken turbostrider.  Should it be allowed?!
A Chick on a Chick

¬ Serae

I am sure most of you already visited the Argent Tournament grounds, it’s a pretty big place in the northeast of Icecrown.
For a full walkthrough, please have a look at the Wiki.

A few quick tips:

1. Justicar Mariel Trueheart asks you to go to the Blastbolt Brothers.  The tasks they need doing will help building the arena up. Please do NOT go out and jack lumber!! It’s  unethical.
I tried, after all wood needs to come from somewhere. But then an angry Oak Spirit popped out of the tree! I begged him for forgiveness but he didn’t care, I killed his home 😦
*sobs *Thinking of it still makes me sad.

2. For the quest A Blade Fit For A Champion I advise you to make this macro:Lake Frog macroKissing frogs is  a tricky business, better make it safe and quick. (this will make you- drink the balm + target a lake frog + kiss it- with 1 click on your macro button)

3. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs!
SouvenirsHave fun at the Tournament!!

~ Serae

I been unhappy for a while about the look of the blog; Word press doesn’t offer much to my taste, but I managed to find one theme which is, to my opinion, easier on the eye.  Fresh colors, and *much* easier to read.

At the same time I been following Probloggers – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I did not subscribe, but am keeping an eye on it.
Trying as always.. to learn and improve!

It gave me just the little push I needed; a bit of inspiration, a better idea on how to develop and a good reflecting moment on my own work.

The new theme itself already was a lesson. I been working on the header for a while. I love photoshop and am always busy making headers, signatures and random pictures just for fun. I wanted something different; I do belief the simple headers work (name + a character pic or an icon), but well.. it’s been done a billion times.

So instead I created one that says ME, it has me, my favorite form and a few of my favorite companions (try to find them all!).  I was satisfied enough to publish it and then in for a disappointment…

Learning moment: a header on a theme is not necessary the same size as on another theme.
So yeah I had to go back to the drawing board..
Please learn from this, check the size of the custom header before you finalize your design!

In the end it worked out in my opinion, but what do you think?
I really would love a bit of feedback. Is the new theme better/more clear? The header too cluttered or fun? Anything else you like to comment on?


My roots are Resto and Reputation; the rest is like Leaves in the wind!

Does Your Toon Have a Soul? asked Warpy in the shared topic discussion. I remember reading this post before at the Warlocks Den and my feelings that came with the title:
I do not have a toon, I have a character! The term toon just doesn’t catch it. *grumbles*

But seeing it again I decided to not ramble too much about the title, but think about the great subject it gives instead.

– is loveable, friendly, helpfull (or at least tries to be 🙂 )
– is a bit shy.
– has loads of small companions, and feels bad if she can’t make the time to play with all of them each day.Doll
–  is crazy about festivities, there is no event that she doesn’t take part in, likely dressed up in a typical* outfit.
– owns a doll that she likes to put out at random spots.
– doesn’t feel good about working with warlocks.. or deathknights.. or rogues.. they too evilish!  She knows it prejudgemental, so she doesn’t tell them if it can be prevented and tries to be supportive. (I really did heal you)
– hates to kill animals and even more the animal killers (esp. a certain dwarf).
– is proud to be an honored member of the D.E.H.T.A.
– has a weakness for dwarven brews .
– has a rather weird sense of humor.
– can spent hours in any city looking in the shops.
– loves bark.
– likes feathers.
– feels uncomfortable in fur.

I like to think about her as a kind soul. It is slightly disturbed by the fact that her life will end one day. Will she enter the Dream? Will she end up in a grave , overgrown with flowers or a big tree? Can she outheal the almost inevitable end?

¬ Serae

*Typical in the way that others say to her ‘ it suits you’ and think ‘ omg, how can you wear that?!’

Fishing Bee