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I remember carefully walking around in Scholazar Basin; admiring the trees;the flowers;the smells. Such a lusterous green place! Then I saw one, looking at me with watery eyes;his, or hers -I am not sure- tongue half hanging out. Looking at me curiously, as if it was judging me. I tried to talk to it, but it didn’t respond. Not unwelcoming, not welcoming, just a plain neutral face.

I had to know more about them! Someone could tell me they are Gorlocs, called The Oracles. But I had to know more!
I tried to find books, listened to every bit of gossip I could find, basicly trying to get any bit of information that was around. There wasn’t much, but in the end I accomplished something, they talk to me now, they think I am rather slowwitted, but do not treat me bad.
They love shiny stuff, hate puppy people and really are adorable.

I noticed quit a bit of people asking around about The Oracles, all want to know how to become friends with them. I hope the following small guide will help out!

Where to start?
Pick up the quest from Tamara Wobblesprocket who can be found close to the flightpath at River’s Heart. She will ask you to kill Pitch.
You do not have to take her quest, but seeing you need to kill the cat anyways, it makes sense to take the gold and perhaps xp with it.
After you killed him an a rather upset Wulgar will offer you a quest. Accept it.
Congrats, you now are the slave of the Frenzyheart!

Omg Serae, I said Oracles , not Frenzyheart!
I know, I know.. trust me please, fun is only just starting 🙂

Slavery also just started: Ape slavery, Wasp slavery. After that you will find yourself running afterchickens, and even going underground. Have fun with a A Rough Ride, and en up with being a meanie.

Please do not forget to pick up all the extra quest you get from your buddies, they keep an eye on you, but also you have to do their tasks to be able to continue.

Geesh, this is taking hours!
Yes I know, but we are getting there. You now will need to look for an injured Gorloc, this will lead to Fortunate Misunderstandings!

Yes! Finally, they are my friends?!
Not really, sorry.. your rep indeed turns good towards the Oracles and the Frenzyheart stop liking you, but you not there just yet..

Now the Oracles want you to prove your loyalty

Well, start with Killing the bad snakes, be good towards the enemy (they *that* cute) , start feeling guilty again (might be wise to not tell them you know -who- hurt them earlier) and end up killing someone , and of course telling someone else about that.

It takes so long, I am getting stressed!
That’s why you start to travel with Moodle, you should be travelling to Mosswalker Village, take both of his quests and once completed you get a Hero’s Burden!

Also here, even when I did not mention it, I assume you are smart enough (not compared with the Gorlocs of course, but who is?) to pick up the extra quests Jaloot, Lafoo and Moodle give you. If you do not, you will get stuck..

Congrats, you now on the last step !
Travel to here. You need head to the end of the cave, probaly you want to take a friend with you. Killing Artruis the Heartless is possible solo, but a bit tedious.

He will get immune around 20-30%, at that moment the chains around his gorloc and wolfgar prisoners get loose and they both will start attacking you. Pretend you do not notice the Gorloc, and blast down the Wolfgar with all the powers of arcane and nature you can manage.

Once the puppyman is down, the Gorloc will help you fight Artruis, finish him off.
The Gorloc will offer you a quest now to allign yourself with The Oracles!!

* The End *

Yes this was it really, you are now honored with The Oracles and 3 dailys will open up.

I hope I could help somebody becomming a friend of those big- tongued, wetskinned, funny and adorable creatures.

¬ Serae

/w readers: Somewhere in the future I have a post planned about the daily’s that open up for you now, and maybe even a piece about Jaloot, Moodle and Lafoo. Keep tuned, but do not expect it within a few days)