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Some Horde can rock?!extra fun for Brewfest:  in BRD you can make the band Tauren Chieftain come play for you! Yes, even for a night elf druid they give a personal concert, as long as you have a

Direbrew’s Remote. The only thing you have to do is to walk into the main part of the inn, talk to the goblin groupie and get rocking!

And something HUGE happened, we again manage to get our group for Ulduar together and tried Yogg….. a small 2hrs later:
Glory of the Ulduar Raider
Ain’t it freaking awesome?!

It wasn’t that bad even.  For sure way easier then Firefighter, but definitely the 2nd hardest of all achievements.  Typically enough we only killed him once before (with all Keepers up). After we done that we just went nuts on hard modes and never fully cleared Ulduar (10).  Untill Sunday that is:)

Can’t stop smiling and won’t stop flying.. its faaast! 🙂

~ Serae


Today was Pirates’ Day, YARR! It made me feel all cool and stuff, pity that shapeshifting makes you loose the cool looks 😦 Was actually rather fun to get the achievement done, the zone had a couple hordies, but they couldn’t beat my hots 🙂

AH alt disguised!

After the pirate fun, Brewfest started! Always good to get some dwarven brew. Once you completely smashed, go and complete Drunken Stupor .

A tip to complete this: take some booze and travel to Zul’Drak. If you jump from one of the higher up things that have the water flowing into them (not sure how to call them..) into one of the same things that is a lower one.. you’ll done.  ( I wonder if that made any sense to someone who isn’t completly smashed!)

Most of the achievement are rather easy, just need some time. Really wonder if  I can get all done with the limited amount of playtime I have, but keep good hope.  If there would be a match for goat riding after all…. I’d win it easily 😀

Have fun!

I felt like adding a bit of fun today!

Was chatting with a GM and after the regular “anything else I can do for you”, I thought to try out the sense of humor of this GM.

Knock knock?
Not the best joke maybe, but a nice GM to talk with (we started with an serious issue btw), and I never managed before to convince a GM to a knock knock joke 🙂

Have fun,