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Does Your Toon Have a Soul? asked Warpy in the shared topic discussion. I remember reading this post before at the Warlocks Den and my feelings that came with the title:
I do not have a toon, I have a character! The term toon just doesn’t catch it. *grumbles*

But seeing it again I decided to not ramble too much about the title, but think about the great subject it gives instead.

– is loveable, friendly, helpfull (or at least tries to be 🙂 )
– is a bit shy.
– has loads of small companions, and feels bad if she can’t make the time to play with all of them each day.Doll
–  is crazy about festivities, there is no event that she doesn’t take part in, likely dressed up in a typical* outfit.
– owns a doll that she likes to put out at random spots.
– doesn’t feel good about working with warlocks.. or deathknights.. or rogues.. they too evilish!  She knows it prejudgemental, so she doesn’t tell them if it can be prevented and tries to be supportive. (I really did heal you)
– hates to kill animals and even more the animal killers (esp. a certain dwarf).
– is proud to be an honored member of the D.E.H.T.A.
– has a weakness for dwarven brews .
– has a rather weird sense of humor.
– can spent hours in any city looking in the shops.
– loves bark.
– likes feathers.
– feels uncomfortable in fur.

I like to think about her as a kind soul. It is slightly disturbed by the fact that her life will end one day. Will she enter the Dream? Will she end up in a grave , overgrown with flowers or a big tree? Can she outheal the almost inevitable end?

¬ Serae

*Typical in the way that others say to her ‘ it suits you’ and think ‘ omg, how can you wear that?!’