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Last week I did Naxx 10man 9man1woman run.  It the was for me the 1st time to go there, although I heard it was relatively easy, I felt rather nervous.

Turned out to be a rather interesting experience.

Bit of background: My guild tries to run 2 groups at the same time – Start is at 19.15 -2 raid leaders divide people over the groups.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

It turned out in a rather lot of hassle. Seemingly last week one of the raid leaders got a lot of whining and he didn’t want to lead Naxx10 anymore. (he also leads Naxx25,manages dkp site, and more,  can’t really blame him) So ok, after 15min someone else volunteered and invites started.

I got in rather quickly, being a healer makes getting groups easier.

At last dps had to be chosen, K (my bf) happens to play a dps class, so we were hoping to get into same group. After 20min still no dps had been found (according the leaders) and although K volunteered twice, no invite. It got
– to put it nicely- me towards the exploding point of the frustration meter, and K was way past that point already!

I took a *deep breathe* and realized only just then how hard it is on both sides. One side being “leader” the other side being “member”.
I been in the position of leading raids and know the hassle that can come with it. And above all; I do realize you can not make everyone happy. Same for K actually.  So neither of us spoke up, silly or smart you wonder? We never been there really, they want some experienced persons and/or better geared persons in the group and..etc.etc.  It’s understandable, but still ‘hurts’.
A weird experience and probaly one I will need to learn to get used to.

Anyways, an already way too long story short: I went to raid; K sat(a bit cranky) next to me.

So finally in Naxx, we started on the –supposedly easiest – Spider wing.

Trash is not too bad, keep an eye on poison and wild growth is your friend.

1st Boss: Anub’Rekhan– looks like an ugly bug.

Almost a simple tank and spank fight.
Our MT kited the boss on the right side of the room from north to south, the boss does an nasty aoe dot , so with the MT  kiting boss and the others moving around, the damage can be partly prevented.
Watch for spikes! They trow you up and hurt you..

My role:

Keep MT up. Throw wild growth on the raid when possible.

Sofar so good, did use an innervate + potion, but at least I lasted the fight. Wasn’ t   sure if my gear could keep up)


We moved on to the next boss, nr2:
Grand Widow Fearlina, she has 4 friends worshippers with her on a platform. And she looks like she can use a new outfit *giggles*

The fight sounds a lot more complicated then it is really.

The MT tanks  Fearlina.
OT takes the 4 adds.

She has a poison spit ability, will hit 3 players. Abolishable.
Another ability is Raid of Fire,  so spread out and move out of it!

At a certain time she will get upset thus frenzy; to get her out of the frenzy you have to kill one of the worshippers.

Mark them up beforehand and use a regular kill rotation.
They are relativly easy to kill, so
we decided to focus on them at the frenzy, not before. (some tactics suggested downing them to ¬10% beforehand)

So when not frenzied all dps on Fearlina.

My role:
We were with 2 druids, the other druid did the MT healing, while I did the raid healing.

This meant for me abolishing poison as 1st prio, using wild growth a lot and just regular hotting up players. I also had time to trow a rejuv, lb or quick nourish at the MT/OT, but it’s really important to focus on the whole raid. The damage is considerable, and my pride doesn’t allow any player to die from a rain of fire even if they deserve it.

If the dps do their job right it is a nice fight.

3rd boss:  Maexxna – a big 8-legged redish spider. (not completly related, but fun)

He She Maexxna has  several abilities that can be nasty:

– some cone aoe, any decent tank should tank a boss facing away from the raid. So should only hurt the MT.

– web: puts a web on a player, web can be killed and hurts (obviously) while it is on you. Had 2 persons assigned to kill the web (low hp web). The webbed person might require a bit of healing. 🙂

– little spiders, they need to be killed. (aoe works wonders)

– web aoe: puts a web on ALL player, stunning you. Now here the fun starts for a druid. Make sure you have hots on the tank at all times and esp. before you all get webbed. It get’s cast rather often, so  keep a close eye.

– Necrotic Poison, funnily enough I didn’t know what it did during the fight. But I am a maniac when it comes to cleansing poisons and curses so had abolish poison on the tank for about the whole fight. Also I learned our shammy had a totem out, our combined efforts made sure we didn’t get in trouble due to it. /cheer to us!

No longer being ignorant: this poison reduces healing by 90%. In other words: a tank killer if it doesn’t get removed!

I really wonder why I didn’t remember it, but well.

At 30% the spider enrages, use all cool downs etc and make him/her (how to discover the gender of a spider?) die quickly. Put some extra healing efforts in also! The webbing does continue, so make sure to keep your tank up during this last precious percents.

So in short for druids: abolish poison and apply hots. Bit nerves wrecking towards the end, but it should be a fight where we shine in.


We did move on to other quarters, but more about that later!

I enjoyed the  run, fun fights, no hours needed on trash, and finally felt like I was an asset to a group. My healing mattered!


¬ Serae