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Greetings, my name is Shayleigh.

One day I hope to be a good ranger, at this time I can only dream of that.. My dad was a ranger, but he dissapeared into the woods. It seems so long ago now. My mum kept herself strong, but I sensed she was always looking at the gate and the woods, hoping that he or his spirit would find the way back home.
After several years a disease struck her, and not even the best mages could heal her. She left to the spirit world and I secretly pray she found my dad waiting for her.

After a time which seemed so long, but actually only lasted several years, I decided my life wasn’t how it should be. Packed the necessity’s and travelled to the Isle of Valinor.  The promise of training, making my dreams come true, all would start there!!
I trained hard, it was a big challenge, but fun nevertheless. I killed several vermin, goblins, hence even undead fell for my arrows.
Btw made those myself, took a course at a wood worker. (how to become a novice craftsman (m/f ) in 5 days) And if i can be so blunt to put it like this “I can make arrows like the best” (*giggles* got it? they sharp, not blunt!)

From Valinor I went to Whisperdale. And ‘oh my’, what a great town.  So many nice elves, beautifull trees,
and  of course monsters enough to fight.
Also in Whisperdale I discovered several books telling all a diffrent story, these inspired me to write my own.  You never know, maybe one day I be in the libary, helping other novice rangers!


You won’t belief what happend today, I was killing off the bears that are trying to steal food from the town, and who do I see? Sir PS!! Didn’t belief my own eyes, had been a very long time since we last met. He was very kind and it was like the good old times again.

His advise was to pratice my agility, he said hunters and especially rangers need to be able to move quick around afterall. If you hunting, your arrows need a space to move in or they will get blocked too easily. Also he gave me a skin, a COW skin to be more precise. I got a bit worried he thought I gained too
much weight… but he just thought I would like it. Well… YEH I like it, if you put the skin over you, you are
barely noticed in the pen, think the only thing that gave me away was the unnatural /mooo. Will put it on my to do list. learn to /moo

Enough for now, I made camp close to Whisperdale, at the waterside. My campfire is starting to get low, so
I better get some rest in. )


As the title implies, I have a confession to make. I tried to keep it out of sight, but I can not handle it any longer. The need to scream out is taking over. *takes a deep breathe*
“I play another mmorpg!!!”

So oke, now that’s out, I can start telling you why..

I been playing wow now for several year, my 1st (main)character I put into a well deserved retirement , and I started Serae. Then at some point I got stuck again, wow is still fun, but there was this little voice in my head telling me I needed a break, a change.  Not completly coindencially my love in my life, who is also my best buddy (oki hon, my love;p) in wow, heard this same voice. Now he just quieted it with playing strategy 1 player games, those are not meant for me.

Instead for me an old love showed itself again, with the name of Ashen Empires . It’s a mmorpg I been playing before wow got released, and I been visiting it over the years.  This time was diffrent, I would not just visit it, but make it my home again 🙂

Now I am playing that and wow, both casual, feeling way more happy all around.
The variation makes wow refreshing and the casualness makes it easier to just skip a night and
write instead.

This all wasn’t too interesting, but I felt the need to explain me. Now a bit of promoting:

Do you wish to duel monsters in close combat or stay in quiet quarters practicing the art of leatherworking?
There’s something for every taste in Ashen Empires. Whether you are drawn by the whiz of arrows or the thrill of discovering new alchemical compounds, you can choose from a variety of skills to craft a unique character.
Ashen Empires is one of the few role-playing games that allows its players to role play with complete control over the character creation process.

If you interested in more about it, just look at the site or leave me a note.
Better even, just make an account!
Aslong as you stay on Valinor Island (=starter area) it is completly free.
1 tip: join Legends server, pvp is fun but Heroes is at this moment not so much fun to play on.

Now I really end, just 1 more thing..  I decided to become a ranger, in short this means I trains bows, carpentry (so i can make my own arrows), short blades (for the short quarter fighting), leadership (to be able to calm animals aka take them as companions) + several standar skills you need to survive in the world.  The longer version means: I am writing some in character stories, it’s been long since I tried that, but am enjoying it. Keep an eye out for the 1st part : Shayleigh, a novice ranger.