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Since approx. a month me and K own a house.  A real(life) house, full of .. dust.  We think it’s an awesome house, but it has a quest line, a rather long one. Once we finished we are promised an EPIC palace. But the grind is long and we only get greens dropping so far…. Thus resulting in not much wow-time and even less blog-time.

It did give me time to think about the blog and I concluded I need a better focus (subject) so I can distinguish myself more. There are enough blogs around who tell what I do, and hence do it better.  I should not let me put down by that, but to be fair.. most of my readers come here by searching for something and not come back often. /cry

In other words, my info seems to be OK, it’s just my writing that sucks. I do belief that if I can focus myself better, I can more easily concentrate on my writing, thus improving that. . The main reason for this blog was to become better after all, and I think I have become better..but it’s not enough. It’s never enough really:)

I will not give up, at least not yet, I enjoy writing, and I would almost claim I do it just for myself, it be lying though. I really hope others will find amusement or tips or giggle, or cry,.. geesh gal, get a focus!
My social voice tells me I want recognition.
I am not sure if I like my social voice.

I will put my thinking into practice next time I’ll have more time. For now 2 Pilgrim’s Bounty tips:

1. Make a macro for Turkinator!

/tar Wild
/cast Moonfire
Will make it much easier and quicker. It’s still something for the off-peak hours imo.

2. Make use of the The Spirit of Sharing buff. It give 10% extra reputation gain for an hr. Go grind those reps!

Become a Bloodsail Admiral ! Arrrr!


I only recently discovered Postcards from Azeroth. I love it!
I can’t help but wondering “who could I sent this one to? Or this one? Or.. “ Let just say that this case a picture says more then a thousands words could do.


Another recent beauty I found is The Unconventional Priest.
I got intrigued by  Loregasm! and when I then found turtles AND disco Kael…

For the warlock in me, Destructive Reach is rather fun to read. Evelish, warlockish, enjoyable.

A druid
blog I been following for a long while actually is Tree Bark Jacket . The place where Keeva used to talk  about end gaming. She stopped that and now talks about all diffrent druid related things.  Grid post are also worth checking out!

The last tip for today is to pay a visit to the Greedy Golblin. I guess you either love him or hate him, so I suggest you go there and see which side you are on 🙂

Enjoy reading, you can also find those  + more  at
<———– that side

~ Serae

I been unhappy for a while about the look of the blog; Word press doesn’t offer much to my taste, but I managed to find one theme which is, to my opinion, easier on the eye.  Fresh colors, and *much* easier to read.

At the same time I been following Probloggers – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I did not subscribe, but am keeping an eye on it.
Trying as always.. to learn and improve!

It gave me just the little push I needed; a bit of inspiration, a better idea on how to develop and a good reflecting moment on my own work.

The new theme itself already was a lesson. I been working on the header for a while. I love photoshop and am always busy making headers, signatures and random pictures just for fun. I wanted something different; I do belief the simple headers work (name + a character pic or an icon), but well.. it’s been done a billion times.

So instead I created one that says ME, it has me, my favorite form and a few of my favorite companions (try to find them all!).  I was satisfied enough to publish it and then in for a disappointment…

Learning moment: a header on a theme is not necessary the same size as on another theme.
So yeah I had to go back to the drawing board..
Please learn from this, check the size of the custom header before you finalize your design!

In the end it worked out in my opinion, but what do you think?
I really would love a bit of feedback. Is the new theme better/more clear? The header too cluttered or fun? Anything else you like to comment on?


My roots are Resto and Reputation; the rest is like Leaves in the wind!

I actually write alot, I am just not able to actually publish it before it gets out of date. Made me think if I should continue or not.. I do like the blog idea, have an urge to write and would really like ppl to read and comment on my stuff.
On the other side I am not sure if I am committed enough. To make it a success I need to be on top of it, and spent my time here instead of in Northrend. Or at least combine the two!

First of all I should make up my mind tho, do I want to keep writing for myself mainly or for a bigger audience? If the latter I need a schedule + a focus area. Is it really that interesting to write about everything I can think about? Is it really needed to add another druid healing blog?
I am not sure yet.

I do know a few things:
– I love to play with photoshop. I lost my cd that has it on, which is partly why I feel less like posting. I find myself most inspired by views/funny moments which become screen shots.  Those I would like to use for posting and the lack of being able to easy manipulate adjust them is not helping me.

– I want another look for the site.

– My wow experience is now way different then it has been for last years, I will actually make a good chance to raid seriously, I am instancing like a crazy. This will give new sights to play style and likely topics to think about.

–  I need to update my blogrolls/links big time.  Most are on a list on my desk. Yes a written list. Just need to change that to a typed linked list..

– I like to bold and italic parts, makes it feel more like a real post.
– I also like to color things lately, this has more to do with the lack of pictures then with a fondness of colors at the start. But am getting into it.

While writing this I realize I probably continue, will overhaul the looks, links , decide on my focus and then make a schedule. Once that is sorted it will be time for step 2; can i keep it up?
Step 3 will be: get publicity if step 2 succeeds.

This is a bit babbling like, a thing I also should work on, but it frees up my mind 🙂

So well, just been through the whole computer thing AGAIN. /grumble

A while ago it crashed, seemed to be a windows problems, so well.. Did the worst you can do, formatted and reinstalled windows. Even this didn’t go as smooth as they want you to think, but after a oouple day I got it running, did updates and well.. worked.

Took a day, then it appeared it wasn’t the windows, it was my grafics card.  /grumble more
Ah well, at least I had a nice clean harddisk again. Looked up my receipt and guess what? ‘ 1 month over warranty’  /sigh
Nie guy in the store told me that probaly it could be fixed by sending it back to the producent.  Ok, not having that much cash atm, i thought it a good idea.

In the meanwhile I could use an old card from my bf. All well again.

Week later ‘  BEEEEEEP ‘ , old card couldn’ t handle the heat and broke /cry
Loaned a card from a friend, worked fine but such an oldy that outlands were not really playable.  Joy for Tirza, she was still in Azeroth!

WHOHOO, call from the store, could pick up a NEW card, yes same thing, but brand new and some extra memory. Good deal I thought. Put it in, went to wow,all grafics working, all cool:)

Guess what happend next? (it’s really a doom story) it shut itself up, and on and off and on.. till i put it off the hard way.  After much fiddling around we discovered it was the motherboard this time /cry loud

No worry tho, we have a spare motherboard (good thing we geeks), put it all toghether and I am back and running again. 😀

Still have some minor issues with wow crashes, but at leasts it playable and workable. Now saving up for a new shinny , working computer..

Only need to reinstall photoshop and stuff for the millionst time over again, and just can’t find the time to do it, for now no pictures 😦

First things first tho, holidays comming soon and going to look up the sun (that’s where the cash went).

Sooo.. till in a few weeks, where a relaxed, tanned, refreshed me will be back, full of positive energy!! 🙂

Sorry, just had to get this out!
regards Serae

Look up!

Yes, there 🙂 A brand new, home-made, lovely (at least I think so) banner.

Hope you like it!



PS: Photoshop is soo much fun!

Just noticed it’s August already! Maybe I should start aiming at actually publishing once per month instead of per week…

What may be done at any time will be done at no time.
(Scottish Proverb)

I wish I could blame this on holidays or the nice sunny weather that forced me to sit on terraces. But sadly no.. work is demanding, stress full and not leaving me with much energy at evenings

On a more positive note: plenty idea’s!
One AE short story I am done with, but needs some pictures (of course!), then several paintings are intriguing me so much they will become a serie.  A new adventure of Tirza, and some thougths from me about the rumour of deathknights fighting at her side *shivers* . New banner as a side project is in the making, and and and .. *deep breathe* Let’s just say more goodies!

Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.
(John Steinbeck)

One of my favorites is  World of Matticus not really because I am that interested in his raiding and priest tactics, but I like the way he writes, get’s to a point and the general interest , motivation and support he gives the wow blogging world.

A couple days ago An open letter to wow bloggers came out of his mind. Obviously it catched my attention or I wouldn’t refer to it here now would I? 🙂

Don’t worry about the “good” part until you get the “blog” part down.

/sigh Time management ftw

It’s known as fear of failure.

Made me feel like a lil kid ‘No, thats’s not true!’ It’s something.. with time and ehh… /cry. 

Don’t worry

Good point, which I often forget

Everyone works hard in the real world to maintain an image and to be the model citizen. They live to serve the expectations that society dishes out. The internet’s a great place to escape that pressure. Write something outrageous! Be daring!

Be daring, the thing I feel like I am, but when it comes to it I put myself in the corner of “doing as so many did before me”.

Get over your fear of rejection and just start writing.

This I like to rephrase.. I will not have fear of rejection, I write more and actually publish it! World dare me, I’ll dare you! !



So.. I just discovered how to actually update my blogroll and add a new category to it.
I know I should be embarrassed and all, but actually I am happy I discovered it. Did
force me again to remember “things can be simple”.. *sigh*
Maybe I should stop trying to thing and just do stuff.. like ehm writing something interesting?

Still working on the lay-out.  The picture that is in my head, is forming slowly in here.

Discovered how awesome WowModelviewer is! Is taking some..ehh alot of my time, you
can do so much cool stuff with it. First thing added is the banner, with a bit help of
Photoshop it actually looks pretty nifty.

Anyways, stay tuned. Writing a bit in the meanwhile, soon more 🙂