Welcome to my place on the internet, Simply Serae.
While working on it, it’s gone past simple and just Serae actually. You can except me in several “forms”here:

~ Serae, Level 80 Nightelf druid, restoration specced.
This is my main character, and often she will be the one writing here.  She tried all specs during her training, but got sent away at Feral class, she is really bad in melee… OwlMoonkin training went well, but her big love is for bark and leaves.  It’s simply HoT .
She is sweet, kind, nature loving and enjoys dressing up.

~ Tirza, Level 8o,gnome warlock.
She is trying to fill the place of my retired undead warlock, I missed the DoT’s and drains,   and decided it would be fun to get a gnome up to max level.
She is slightly way less nice then Serae, but well, what you expect of a warlock really? Her big plus: she likes bunny’s.

This is it sofar for my characters. About me there is much to tell, but I will not tell you all yet.
*shy smile*
In short: I been playing mmorpgs for a rather long period, tried several and a few years ago got stuck into wow. Although I do not play as much as I used to, I still enjoy the game (hence I think I enjoy it still because I don’t play that much).
My love writing in combination with my love for this game ended up in this blog; I  have a too busy schedule to realisticly post as much as I want. But I am learning how to write better and faster.  The only way to improve is to write, write and write more..
Feel free to leave me a comment or a note in my mailbox, I be happy with critics, encouragements or most any kind of note.

I like to thank you for your visit,  I hope you’ll find you way back to my place.

Kindest regards,
¬ Serae