Last week I finished What a Long, Strange trip it’s been, and got myself a very pretty drake 🙂 New drake and new looks!
Was really beaten down by the RNG last year for this event,  and this year didn’t seem much better. Had everything except the Sinister Sqaushling. But after after summon-no X (did so many that I lost count) it dropped!  Thanks to K and G who both kept getting their alts in to summon HH also.

After Hallow End the traditional Day of the Death starts,  a moment for people to gather in graveyards to celebrate with and cherish the spirits of those they have lost.
This year I take the time to honor the spirit of someone, who I imagine floating around an awesomely pc, trying to get his green-see-through-fingers on the keyboard, so he can play a game.
Well, only in wow I beliefin spirits, in the outside world I am rather skeptical, doesn’t mean I can not have any fantasy’s..
Years ago I lost this friend, he was a guildie and we never met irl.  No clue how he looked like (the image that pops to my mind is that of an grumpy green orc..) or how the sound of his voice was.
I do know that he knew me better then most of my rl friends did,  and that he had a talent to motivate and inspire people. He also was one of the few people that I ever met in a game who could handle my rather rash humor I tend to display. This was a big part of my appreciation I dare to admit.

His passing away was not what inspired this poem, not did I write the poem myself.  It was written long ago and I only  found it back recently on a back-up of an old pc.

I do think today is the right moment to share it.

The Naming of Grrak
by Jerle

In the Empire of the Lady,
near the shores of Outlaw’s Bay
across mysterious waters
where The Darkened Isles do lay.

Gray mists rise ever slowly
then blow upon the beach
and cross Grave’s Lake, and wander east
to fall upon Fate’s Reach.

There in the dampened forest,
the ancient trees remain,
and from this deepened silence
a raven calls his name.

Gather ‘round ye dragonblood
and a story I shall weave,
of the warrior Bai, and his bride Bluesky,
and the son they did conceive.

Bai was a bounty hunter,
that’s how he plied his trade.
he killed outlaws with little cause
and enjoyed the money he made.

It was in his search for fortune
while he traveled far and wide,
thru the lands of Fortitude
that he would find his bride.

‘Twas not too far from here,
just south near the Dragon Drop
that Bai tracked down a vicious thief
by the name of Lucifer Lott

Now Lott had kidnapped the daughter
of a man he had recently slain.
The man was of the Raven Clan,
now she was the last to remain.

Her father had named her Bluesky
for the color of her eyes
so rare to find in a dragonblood
as you might well surmise.

So here was a stunning beauty,
a hostage of Bai’s fierce foe,
just waiting for someone to rescue her,
and that’s how this story goes.

Bai attacked the outlaw’s camp,
the startled Lott too late to see,
the sword that took his evil head
and delivered his destiny.

Grateful Bluesky was smitten
with her hero warrior Bai,
they wed in bliss, and lived in love,
but soon Bluesky would die.

The joyful birth that brought their son
delivered death that day,
to the mother Bluesky,
who now with Tolem lay.

Bai held his new born son
and wept for Bluesky’s death.
His tears fell full upon
the infant’s emerald breast.

A prayer he gave to Shana,
for the memory of his wife.
What shall I call this youth
to honor her sweet life?

A mist then fell upon the scene
of Bluesky’s funeral flame,
and from a deepened silence
a raven called his name.

Grrak … Grrak …

a raven called his name.

Use this day not only to get your achievement points or pet- for- a- day, think about those you lost, be it in or out game.

The feeling is the same I can sadly assure you. But please, don’t think about the sad dying part, but about the fun you had, the laughs you shared.

A person who ain’t forgotten isn’t really gone, grumpy old orcs least of all.


for Jerle: if you ever happen to stumble upon this, lemme know if you mind me (re)publishing your writing. And more important to me, leave me a note, would really like to know how you are doing.