I only recently discovered Postcards from Azeroth. I love it!
I can’t help but wondering “who could I sent this one to? Or this one? Or.. “ Let just say that this case a picture says more then a thousands words could do.


Another recent beauty I found is The Unconventional Priest.
I got intrigued by  Loregasm! and when I then found turtles AND disco Kael…

For the warlock in me, Destructive Reach is rather fun to read. Evelish, warlockish, enjoyable.

A druid
blog I been following for a long while actually is Tree Bark Jacket . The place where Keeva used to talk  about end gaming. She stopped that and now talks about all diffrent druid related things.  Grid post are also worth checking out!

The last tip for today is to pay a visit to the Greedy Golblin. I guess you either love him or hate him, so I suggest you go there and see which side you are on 🙂

Enjoy reading, you can also find those  + more  at
<———– that side

~ Serae