A Deathknight healing

K is convinced that healing is the most stress full, difficult job there is. He healed 4H twice on his (druid)alt. To be honest.. without me calling out “LB”, “Rejuv”, “the mage!”, he would have looked like the nab healer he is.

A Tree with moonfire?

Now turn that around, imagine ME doing dps (picture feathers instead of bark, reindeer horns instead of broccoli, got it?). It freaking stresses me out!
Unsureness creeps up on me,
I feel like I am standing in the fire constantly without knowing how to get out.

Half the time I need to ask K (in a panicky voice) which target to dps, or he has to shout at me to move from that bloody deathrune (as if it isn’t obvious glowing green). To be honest..without him yelling I would look like the nab dps I really am.

Tree vs Owl viewpoint

As a tree I focus on health bars mainly, but I am also convinced heads up healing is really important.  It gives a lot of extra awareness if you know where the persons you heal, are actually standing. So I use a combination of the 2 targeting ways.

I know how to avoid clouds on Yogg  without stopping to heal. I know where to make my WG land to get the most out of it. I know know when it is better to sacrafice the gnome for the greater good. I can keep hots rolling on 2 tanks, in the meanwhile keep several other raidmembers topped off and still position myself correctly.

My UI-setup is made for those purposes, my focuses in the middle (grid/target/focus target/myself/DBM warnings), less important stuff small on the side (buffs), MT targets bit on the right and extra boss info on the other side (the not-so-urgent stuff).  This gives me a very clear view on what is happening.

As an owl I can forget (a bit) about health bars.  I still keep an eye out for them, but less focused. My focus now is on the big guy with the skull above his head. I need to make sure my dots are on.  Need to watch their timers, eclipse timers, and  keep the rotation going.  Can not waste a single global cool down, it would hurt my dps.

When I need to move I get confused, I managed to do 3 moonfires in a row  for no better reason then to just do something with my gcd.. /blush

And yeah, it is nice that my UI is clean, but I have no time to look around me.


An owl is fun, but it isnt as easy to play as it seems. You change perspective. The way you look at things is diffrent.  My focus must be somewhere else, I get pulled out of my comfort zone. I have to stand at diffrent places, do diffrent things, and still need be able to not run into that cloud.

I do really enjoy to dps, the stress makes sure I stay on my toes. I only dpsed sofar in Ulduar 10, mainly on fights that I not find challeging as healer.  It sure does keep the fun in running Ulduar, and last but not least it gives more understanding of the fights.

It resulted for me in a sharper and better playstyle, both in bark and feathers. 🙂

So what about you? Do you get out of your comfort zone and do you enjoy it or not?