Last weeks I been boosting the most recent alt of K through a couple instances. He is been doing the same for my  alt of course!mew?
Me, being a big bad bird with lasers, killing all mobs in the way quickly and cleanly.  Trying to keep his gnomeness alive when it charges in without thought. (seriously, do all gnomes have a death-wish?). Until.. the monsters silence! Or spelllock me! Or Mr Gnome pulls when I am out of mana.  Also after each couple of pulls I  need to drink up.  It got a slight bit annoying.

K’s main is a Deathknight, and well.. they soooo much more cooler when it comes to boosting.  Self heals, no manabreaks, silence doesn’t matter, there is red goo on the floor, or other nasty stuff flying around that will kill the monsters anyways.  I got jealous. So jealous that I considered to try Feral again.  No drinking, keeping threat, doing the well.,ehm.. cool stuff ferals do. Keep in mind that at level 56 I changed from feral to a hybrid moon/treekin and never ever went feral again.  I also was an extremely bad kitty and even as bear I didn’t come out well. If there would be price for worse melee person, I’d win it easily.

But still, with time things can change right? So the idea got more shape and I started to collect some gear.  Or better, browsed the net and discovered there are no lists around that tell you “how to get decent feral gear once you done most quests that offer this type of gear OR  passed on all  feralish stuff in naxx + other instances AND want your set fast”. /sigh

Time for some out-of-the-box thinking 🙂

“How Serae got her Feralgear “

Once upon a time, in a cold and snowy area, Serae met the quartermaster of the Sons of Hodir. When she told him about her search for leather melee gear, he offered her  Spaulders of Frozen Knives (honored rep) Costs: 22g* and advised her to checkup with the paladins in Storm Peaks(Argent Crusade); they had a Cloak of Holy Extermination on offer (honored rep) Costs: 19g* and after some bargaining she got a buy 2 get none for free deal,  Skeletons beware! Serae is wielding the Argent Skeleton Crusher (revered rep) Costs 70g*. It made sense to move on towards the Knight of the Ebon Blade. With a most cute smile on her face she informed with the quartermaster there. To no avail 😦 They couldn’t be persuaded to sell a her the pretty chest , unless she would 1st do a billion tasks for them. ‘No way silly deathknights!’

Next stop would be a bit warmer at least, Scholazar Basin. Her long-tongued friends must have a shinnie spare! Indeed they did, a  Glitterscale Wrap, pretty although it doesn’t sparkle. (revered) Costs: 12g* Serae being on her way south anyways, decided to check up on the friendly fishmongers at Moa’ki. ” Been a long time Serae” the quartermaster of the Kalu’ak said “How is Pingu doing? “. After assuring them she fed him fresh fish only, and yes.. takes him regularly out on the seaside the real discussion started.  A  Whale-Skin Breastplate (honored)  23g*?! “Is that D.E.H.T.A. approved?” It appeared to be and so the chest piece got taken care off after all.Only a short flight away, at the temple of the Wyrmrest, she found some very decent bracers (well, they purple, so she assumed they decent) Dragonfriend Bracers (exalted) 19g* and they seemed happy she was willing to show off their friendship like this.Back in Dalaran the Kirin’Tor proved their weird sense of humor again, by offering her “Mind”- expanding leggings . “Mind-expanding you say? You sure about that mind part?” “Yes miss, just try them on.. ;and stop that giggling already!!” (revered) Costs: 32g* She didn’t notice any diffrence, but decided that was probaly for the best anyways. It was starting to look good, a short talk with A (guildie leatherworker) paid off in 2 more items, Eviscerator Facemask and Gauntlets (approx. 120g* in mats)

In Dalaran Serae ran into E, her lover in past times /hug E “Happen to have any rings or necks spare?” “For you? Always hon. *winks* Here you go, a  pretty ring and neck to steal the show with”
Looking through her gear she realized she was almost done. *happy smile*Up to the badges vendor for another ring and a trinket. And last but not least, wintergrap for the last trinket.
“rats”, didn’t realize I was barefooted, hmm, didn’t I .. *runs to bank*. And yes, in her bank, a bit dusty, some shoes were lying around. (ulduar drop noone in my group wanted)

Finally, looking like an almost real rogue, Serae is ready for the feral adventure!

Rogue or Druid?The END

– if calculation is correct, this cost in total 317 gold, several badges and  some time flying.
– not a single piece offers hit, enchant some pieces or change  some pieces here and there for +hit items.
Disclaimer: Prices might not be exact the same for you due to rep diffrence, or auction house fluctation. Also not everyone gets jewelry for free.
More dislaimer:  my goal was to get a feral set  without doing heroics etc. My choice for reputation vendors was based on the minimal effort required to get those pieces. Do not try this if you have to grind all the reps our first.

She is ready now for a new adventure, boosting as bear, grinding as kitty? Who knows..