As all of you should now by now, Bliz announced the new looks for the Bear Model.

I like them! They look more flashy,  detailed and above all more druid-like. The  old bear felt a bit like you came from the woods with an unknown disease in your skin which made your mouth stay open at all occasions…

What I like even more is that they are linked to your caster looks.  Yes, I am the rare druid who actually doesn’t mind this. I have to admit my 1st reaction was a slight disappointment “but what if I want a white bear and no white hair?” /sob. But once I thought about it for 5seconds longer I realized I would hate it if it wasn’t linked to your caster form.  Your forms should still be YOU, it doesn’t make sense if you are a druid with green hair, to turn into a white bear.  Really, it doesn’t!
Your animal forms are a representation of you, which means  you in your caster form.

You tend to forgot the whole – druids are individuals too-thing, after being 1-big-mass for so long,  I think we should rejoice with our new more personalized looks.
Can’t wait till tree and moonkin forms get their change, I won’t hold my breathe until that happens tho…

~ Serae