The fun starts before the fight, remember frogger? Well.. you now up down towards bomber! The details you can think out for yourself 🙂

Cross the road to Mimiron

Mimiron is a mechagnome, typically ugly and mad. At the start of the fight you want to spread yourself and the other healers a bit around. His aggro range is very short,  so you can place yourself before pull.

Phase 1: He will be sitting in Leviathan MKII
Hot the MT up asap, and keep a very close eye out for Plasma Blast. This blast will hit your MT like a truck tank. You basicly need big heals fast or he won’t make it.  Better to overheal then to let him die!
Usually after Plasma Blast he will do a Shock Blast, this is a melee range AoE -> try to get a Wild Growth on your melee before they run out, it makes them feel  special, and it might help them survive the mine they will walk over. (please melee, look before you run..)
The 3rd ability to keep in mind in this phase is Napalm Shell, it hurts a bit and is rather random but with a quick reaction of you and the other healers* it should not kill anyone. It’s pretty obvious with a big fire animation.

Phase 2: Now he moves on to his next creation: VX-001 (Anti-personnel Assault Cannon)
You have to almost hug the torso (wait until a part of the mines has gone, so you can actually walk in without suiciding yourself),  pretend to be melee and swing out Wild Growth like there is no tomorrow.  Together with rejuv and lifebloom you basicly will have to cover the raid damage.  This phase is untanked. Most of the damage can not be avoided, except some Pew Pew P3Wx2 Laser and Rockets. If you do not avoid those.. well you get instagibbed. The animation of P3Wx2 is pretty obvious he sents out pink/purplish lasers- you will stand on the other side of the lasers at the back of the torso to not get hit. As for the Rockets, to make spotting  easier, stand on the black line instead of in the torso (I am told that is just a step behind max melee range), and watch your feet closely.

Got this part down? Enough people up still? (in other words, no one died?!) Up to:
Phase 3: The head (Aerial Command Unit)
A ranged dps has to tank the head (it is floating in the air), we are using a warlock , but I am sure a shadowpriest would work just as well. Mages are often too fragile. (for anything really, but they do bring the drinks)
Your tasks are to keep up the ranged tank + the melee tank + of course the raid.. there are adds in this phase. (you might want to share your tasks with the other healers 🙂 ) Make sure you stand close-ish to the melee tank and that the whole group is on the same side of the room.  Also place yourself with a good view on the middle so you can spot bomb bots, they hurt like..hmm..bombs and you don’t want to be caught next to one.
You might notice the melee picking up items, they need to use that to get the head to the floor, so they can also dps it.  When that happens keep an extra eye out for the (melee)tank, he might need to take on a few extra mobs.
Rinse and repeat, I find this phase pretty relaxing compared to the previous one.

Phase 4: Now Mimoron will decide you have to bask in the  glorious…um..glory of. V-07-TR-0N ! (have a look here if you into comics :
This is the last phase, all parts are now 1 ugly mad machine and you have to keep in mind they (the 1 machine is 3 parts) keep most of their abilities that you learned in the previous 3 phases. (Napalm not being one of them).
It is a rather bit chaotic, the MT needs healing, the ranged tank needs healing, and chances are the raid is taking damage, thus needing healing. Main prio for you is to heal heal and heal.
In the meanwhile keep an eye out for:
* Rockets > harder to spot (you probably won’t see the rocket launch from his back), still as deadly if you stand in them. Watch your feet!
* P3Wx2 > more tricky then in phase 2, since you are not hugging the torso (or shouldn’t be), so you will have to run like there is no tomorrow.  Do not forget to heal while running, you are a druid, a hot runner.
* Mines-> while running, watch your feet! (and the lasers, and the healthbars.. did I mention chaotic yet?), do not step on a mine!

In the meanwhile sent a prayer to Elune that your dps is doing their job and kills the parts within a certain time span of each other.  If they don’t the parts will be repaired and you pretty certain to wipe.

Assuming you came through all phases, GRATS! you just killed Mimiron(‘s machines).

This fight was for our group the 1st real challenges, sure we wiped on some more encounters, but Mimiron actually kept us busy for hours.  I enjoyed it tremendously, it sure gives a kick to see the tactics you made up finally work out.I haven’t seen the fight on 25 version yet, but am sure it’s gonna be a wipefest, already looking forward to it 🙂

~  Serae

* on our first kill we had our priest on the person with napalm, on the 2nd and 3rd we didn’t assign anyone. It did result in me keeping an eye out for it, I ran with 2 very dedicated tank healers, which led to a natural way of me doing the the patching up where needed.