I am sure most of you already visited the Argent Tournament grounds, it’s a pretty big place in the northeast of Icecrown.
For a full walkthrough, please have a look at the Wiki.

A few quick tips:

1. Justicar Mariel Trueheart asks you to go to the Blastbolt Brothers.  The tasks they need doing will help building the arena up. Please do NOT go out and jack lumber!! It’s  unethical.
I tried, after all wood needs to come from somewhere. But then an angry Oak Spirit popped out of the tree! I begged him for forgiveness but he didn’t care, I killed his home 😦
*sobs *Thinking of it still makes me sad.

2. For the quest A Blade Fit For A Champion I advise you to make this macro:Lake Frog macroKissing frogs is  a tricky business, better make it safe and quick. (this will make you- drink the balm + target a lake frog + kiss it- with 1 click on your macro button)

3. Don’t forget to buy souvenirs!
SouvenirsHave fun at the Tournament!!

~ Serae