I been unhappy for a while about the look of the blog; Word press doesn’t offer much to my taste, but I managed to find one theme which is, to my opinion, easier on the eye.  Fresh colors, and *much* easier to read.

At the same time I been following Probloggers – 31 Days to Build a Better Blog. I did not subscribe, but am keeping an eye on it.
Trying as always.. to learn and improve!

It gave me just the little push I needed; a bit of inspiration, a better idea on how to develop and a good reflecting moment on my own work.

The new theme itself already was a lesson. I been working on the header for a while. I love photoshop and am always busy making headers, signatures and random pictures just for fun. I wanted something different; I do belief the simple headers work (name + a character pic or an icon), but well.. it’s been done a billion times.

So instead I created one that says ME, it has me, my favorite form and a few of my favorite companions (try to find them all!).  I was satisfied enough to publish it and then in for a disappointment…

Learning moment: a header on a theme is not necessary the same size as on another theme.
So yeah I had to go back to the drawing board..
Please learn from this, check the size of the custom header before you finalize your design!

In the end it worked out in my opinion, but what do you think?
I really would love a bit of feedback. Is the new theme better/more clear? The header too cluttered or fun? Anything else you like to comment on?


My roots are Resto and Reputation; the rest is like Leaves in the wind!