An interesting question, how do Bliz employee’s call each other in the office?

A 23pages long thread (at moment of writing) does deserve a spotlight, especially considering the amount of  blue reply’s

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Re: What does Zarhym call Bornakk?

Q u o t e:
“Hey Zarhym, how about lunch?”
“I can’t make any promises, but the prospect of lunch is definately something I am considering and I will get back to you when I know more.”
lolThat reminds me of an email we received yesterday. One of our web producers mentioned in this email regarding the deployment of the Account System that the forums would be taken out of maintenance “soon.” I mentioned to Nethaera that I doubt players would understand that we even “soon” each other internally some times. :p

Actually I enjoyed the  post by Beddict < Noble Blade > more then the reply 🙂
I suggest you head over to the thread, it’s easy amusement.

The topic itself deserves a bit more attention.
Just before the expansion came out, I met several guys of my guild. At the start of the evening it was a bit akward, we were  introducing ourselves, but no one was sure what name to use.. RL-name? GL-name?
In the end we used both, but the later it got.. the more we got into the GL- names.  From a few I remember their RL-names, but for most of the others.. (sorry guys) I have no clue! I have several phone numbers of guildies, and all of them are saved under their character name ..
It seems the name you attached to a person 1st time you meet, is the most dominant one.
If you know someone irl; you picture that person playing a certain character.  In ” public” game you might refer to him/her with a nick, but in whisper/party you probably use the RL-name.
On the other hand if you met persons in-game; but never (or later) met them irl, their in-game name is what you associate that person with. Their RL- name hold way less significance.


The 2nd one for today is about appearance, a rather important factor in game, at least for me:)

Re: Ulduar Gear – Lackluster at BEST.

This is really an ongoing debate. Itemization is truly a very tricky subject, particularly when talking about non-tier Ulduar armor. It’s a balancing act. We have to maintain a certain amount of solidarity in each role to make certain that the pieces given do not mis-match and add up to an ugly whole. On the other hand, when we do this, we lose diversity, but in so doing, we maintain a good solid well polished look. In the past, players have been very vocal about the contrast in gear and the less-than-optimal visual appeal of matching particular set and non-set items. Our solution to this has been to make certain that we match these sets in the most appropriate fashion.

One part of me is celebrating the fact the items all look similar, the other part of me beliefs it is horrible. I am really torn here. Already I am not happy with the color scheme they chose for the set items. (change them around!), and some of the non-set items (like phaelia’s one!) have a way better resto druid feeling over them. (she deserves that, but well;p)
I will never choose looks over upgrade, but looks do matter!
Of course I already have several town sets, but bank space is sadly not endless, and why wouldn’t you want to show off you got a set item really?

I guess time will learn how this will work out, will the colors of the different items make it mis-matched anyways? Will everyone look the same and result into one big homogeneous mass? Will it work out well and will we all forget about the whole issue and praise Blizz with their wisdom?

~ Serae

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