I been slacking, badly.  To make up for that I invented a new Categorie: The Blue Heroes. *no I can’t pick Blizzard Blue

We all know them, we can not resist the urge to read any thread they posted in, we have at least 1 favorite blue tracker link.   But do we all have the time to keep up with them?

Instead of doing it the completly ” cheap way” (=linking the resto related blue remark + adding a short remark), or the ” generous way”  (= linking resto related stuff + adding very sensible, well thought out comments), I choose the ” weird but simple way” .
I will offer you the blue post that are diffrent! They offer fun, or usulessness, or simply a smiley 🙂

Nr1 of today, not on nr 1 because of the blue reply, but genious title.  You do not often get creativity on the official forums..
Re: Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Envy, Lust, Wrath

Q u o t e:
Q u o t e:
Going to have to say that I doubt very much that anybody discusses class mechanics/balance with an agenda motivated by gluttony or lust.
Maybe just briefly each year at Blizzcon when the devs hit on the hotter players.
Hey now…. 🙂

by GC
~ we love him short and simple

Nr2, also this one attracted me by title,  it’s  just too silly:
Gnome Healer

First of all, how DARE you think gnomes can ever be good healers?! They die.. alot, they made to fail. The get eaten for breakfast by the horde.  The only thing that make me love gnomes, is their /giggle.  Once they do that I just melt.  Bloody cute sound..
Anyways, the the post:

Re: Gnome Healers
Gnomes are creatures of destruction.

Re: Gnome Healers
Q u o t e:
But… we’re cute.

Everyone knows cute heals.
If devours souls is the same as cute, then yes, you are correct.

Bornakk, you’re going to learn that Gnomes hurt. And yes, it’s the BAD hurt.

No worries, I already plan to buy epic shin-guards for BlizzCon.
Q u o t e:
You know, they’d pick on you less if you picked on them less.

Aww, who am I kidding. Too much fun to leave them be, amirite?

By Bornakk
~ He is an orc, but one with humor!

Thank you folks, this was the Blue Heroes for today!

For those actually seeing my secret messages ;p (I should work at Bliz!), I do realize this post and prob the next ones following in the Categorie arent the top notch quality I wish for.  I do this to keep myself in the habit of writing and posting, not matter how many other things I have on my programm.  I belief practise makes perfect, so I need to practise alot! ) Besides, I love to talk about nothing