Greetings  lesser beings,

I am not sure if we ever met? Ah well,  no need to  introduce yourself really.  I do not care who you are or what you do. The only thing I care about is how you can help me with my MPTRTW*.
So tell me, are you powerfull? Rich? Handsome? Up for a challenge? Have the knowledge to bend demons to your will? Know how to handle the subtile flows while draining out a soul?

*cough* I am starting to ramble, let’s go to the topic.

Today I made a start on my MPTRTW.  I didnt want to tell you this, but Serae promised me fame and glory gold if I would admit it.
I doubt she suspected my reasons, she doesnt know about my MPTRTW*grins*

One Gnome to find the Sporeggar was enough,  I loved them right away, they are perfect!
Small, afraid for big guys, working hard,  they almost like me, except for the fear and working hard part..

Sooo anways, I said to be going onto the topic: I am the CZAR.

Czar Tirza

You are giggling?!!  Pfft.. I expected that, HA!
You do not have to belief me, but I  AM the Gnome that bound them all!

Ofcourse I made sure to require some proof. As from today, my painting is on the wall in the home of Mycah.

Painting Tirza

I look good don’t I? Tirza – The Gnome to lead them into the light Darkness and bind them all….

*MPTRTW = Master Plan To Rule The World