• Why is an archievement 2 times randomness combined? It frustrates me still…
  • How come the Culling of Stratholme time is so much easier then the Old New Stratholme 45min Baron run? An observation, not a complaint! 🙂
  • Collecting non combat compansions is NOT freaky! If you curious, my collection you can find here
  • I hope the Ulduar and mainly PTR fever will give me more chance to raid. Although they are nice guys, I really do not enjoy being in a guild with 2 awesome resto druids.. I want a spot more often!
    /shoo to PTR with you!
  • On the same topic, it would help if I could be online on our main progression evening (Sarth 3D), and not have that evening reserved for rl meetings.
  • Still staying on topic, we (well, ” we”  as the guild, not me personally) got Sarth 3D down 1st time last week, really happy and proud about that 🙂
  • Am very excited about the upcoming Dual speccing! Likely making my 2nd spec Balance.
  • Being DPS as a resto druid is possible, just did a stunning 750ish dps in a heroic run.  Ah well.. I *almost* beat the tank.

I should have been in bed a couple hrs ago; goodnight and till soon 🙂
~ Sleepy Serae

PS: updated my About page, for those curious)