So you dreamed to become a class leader? Now you are one?!
Scary, uncertain feelings get under your skin? In other words, not sure what to do now?

5 Tips to help you out!


First of all the goals of the guild should be clearly set by your
guild leader; your task is deciding WHAT your team needs to do to reach those goals.
Let’s take it into an example:

Goal: get your team geared up for Ulduar.
Your solution: (what should be done?)
a.  Set up the terms –  how much mana/spellpower etc. should one have?
b. Make an inventory -> ask people to put down their stats  and write down their gear wishes/needs.
c. Go get the needed gear.


HOW are YOU going to make sure people will actually do what should be done? (or get what they need?)

Check the information that was provided to you.
Thoroughly examine the needs; do you agree? Once you do, set up a
to furfill the needs.

For simplicity sake:
3 druids need stuff.
Let’s say Druid 1 + 2 both want random drops of various bosses in
Naxx25; druid 3 is ready except he really wants the mace from
the Lich Guy.
->> Set up a schedule which allows druid 1 + 2 to be in the full raid, but switch one of them on the end so nr. 3 gets a chance too.

Important is to tell all 3 how you want it done.  Have your arguments ready (3 might complain missing out on badgers i.e.), they have to understand it is for the greater good of the guild.

Make sure to let your authority count, YOU can point  a finger and decide who stays out on the end. You also have to be fair en reasonable.

It is never easy)


EXTRA stuff YOU CAN and SHOULD do.

Explain your plans and strategy on the forums so  all persons in your class team know what to expect and get a chance to voice their thoughts.
Guide – write them or point good ones out. Sit down with someone if they not sure about how to reach their goals or how to pin them down.


This one sounds simple, but actually is one of the harder tasks. Once
you not longer “just a member of the team”, people will act differently
towards you.
They might not want to tell you how they hate your rotation
schedule, or how they belief you are utterly wrong in assuming druids
and shaman need the same minimum stats. You’ll need every bit of information you can get: listen well to guild chat, class chat, vent, teamspeak, ask random members random questions; make sure they know you want to be involved.
Take efforts so they all know you are still part of the team.
If you share your thoughts, most will feel welcomed to share theirs.

Listen well to them.

Be ready to receive complaints, critiques and whining. Be also assured that you will receive compliments and maybe a cheer now and then.


ALL of the above is part of motivating your team, but please please, do
not underestimate the value of  this last point.
Your team will stand or fall due to it.
Simple things like telling a person of your team when he/she did well or giving advice if you can.

On an bad eve cheer them up by commenting on the lack of tank skills or
tell a joke, dance or.. do whatever cheers your type of team up. If this means bringing  your lucky Pengu out at a boss fight.. do it!

Keep a goal out for everyone, even if a person has the gear he/she needs, isn’t t
here anything he/she wants? A set for off-spec? A weapon just for the looks of it? A role in leading the team when you are not around?

Those points are basic things I once used and succeeded due to it, or didnt use and failed due to it.

I been a guild leader, been an officer, been a class leader. Thank Elune nowadays I have none of those responsibility’s anymore.  I done my part, and become a better player because of it, but I love being ‘just a member’ of the team.

In real life on the other hand.. I just made it to ‘ class leader’!

I been thinking on how to handle it and the points I wrote down are very simular to my 5 tips for the class leader in wow…in short:

1.  What? My team needs to reach a certain revenue -> I put this down in personal numbers and team numbers. Checked how everyone is standing now.
2.  How? I am making a plan, which will result in all knowing how to act, what I expect and how I prefer to see it done.
3.  can and should: Explain and guide (always been the guide maker of our office, so for me an easy one and something that earned me some credits already towards this new function:) )
4. Listen; same as above, not only to what people talk about with eachother, but also how they act with suppliers and customers.
5. Motivate;  The abosolute hardest part I need to handle. Our company made losses, and we need to make up for those. The negative mood needs to become an active positive mood.  I am thinking of putting on monthly goals, or candy… yeah, I need to think this out more thoroughly.

Sofar my best effect has been with simply listening to everything everyone has to say, sit with a smile behind my desk (not even a fake one!), and be open to all of my team.

I belief that the experiences I got  in wow will help me to move on further and become a good leader irl. The mistakes I made in wow, I will
likely not make again, nor in wow, nor irl. The things I see or like to see in guild masters, officiers etc. can very often be translated to work in the office.

It is certainly not the same (/gkick could be a handy tool and I would love to have Pengu walking around ;p) but the diffrences arent all that big.