I actually write alot, I am just not able to actually publish it before it gets out of date. Made me think if I should continue or not.. I do like the blog idea, have an urge to write and would really like ppl to read and comment on my stuff.
On the other side I am not sure if I am committed enough. To make it a success I need to be on top of it, and spent my time here instead of in Northrend. Or at least combine the two!

First of all I should make up my mind tho, do I want to keep writing for myself mainly or for a bigger audience? If the latter I need a schedule + a focus area. Is it really that interesting to write about everything I can think about? Is it really needed to add another druid healing blog?
I am not sure yet.

I do know a few things:
– I love to play with photoshop. I lost my cd that has it on, which is partly why I feel less like posting. I find myself most inspired by views/funny moments which become screen shots.  Those I would like to use for posting and the lack of being able to easy manipulate adjust them is not helping me.

– I want another look for the site.

– My wow experience is now way different then it has been for last years, I will actually make a good chance to raid seriously, I am instancing like a crazy. This will give new sights to play style and likely topics to think about.

–  I need to update my blogrolls/links big time.  Most are on a list on my desk. Yes a written list. Just need to change that to a typed linked list..

– I like to bold and italic parts, makes it feel more like a real post.
– I also like to color things lately, this has more to do with the lack of pictures then with a fondness of colors at the start. But am getting into it.

While writing this I realize I probably continue, will overhaul the looks, links , decide on my focus and then make a schedule. Once that is sorted it will be time for step 2; can i keep it up?
Step 3 will be: get publicity if step 2 succeeds.

This is a bit babbling like, a thing I also should work on, but it frees up my mind 🙂