So well, just been through the whole computer thing AGAIN. /grumble

A while ago it crashed, seemed to be a windows problems, so well.. Did the worst you can do, formatted and reinstalled windows. Even this didn’t go as smooth as they want you to think, but after a oouple day I got it running, did updates and well.. worked.

Took a day, then it appeared it wasn’t the windows, it was my grafics card.  /grumble more
Ah well, at least I had a nice clean harddisk again. Looked up my receipt and guess what? ‘ 1 month over warranty’  /sigh
Nie guy in the store told me that probaly it could be fixed by sending it back to the producent.  Ok, not having that much cash atm, i thought it a good idea.

In the meanwhile I could use an old card from my bf. All well again.

Week later ‘  BEEEEEEP ‘ , old card couldn’ t handle the heat and broke /cry
Loaned a card from a friend, worked fine but such an oldy that outlands were not really playable.  Joy for Tirza, she was still in Azeroth!

WHOHOO, call from the store, could pick up a NEW card, yes same thing, but brand new and some extra memory. Good deal I thought. Put it in, went to wow,all grafics working, all cool:)

Guess what happend next? (it’s really a doom story) it shut itself up, and on and off and on.. till i put it off the hard way.  After much fiddling around we discovered it was the motherboard this time /cry loud

No worry tho, we have a spare motherboard (good thing we geeks), put it all toghether and I am back and running again. 😀

Still have some minor issues with wow crashes, but at leasts it playable and workable. Now saving up for a new shinny , working computer..

Only need to reinstall photoshop and stuff for the millionst time over again, and just can’t find the time to do it, for now no pictures 😦

First things first tho, holidays comming soon and going to look up the sun (that’s where the cash went).

Sooo.. till in a few weeks, where a relaxed, tanned, refreshed me will be back, full of positive energy!! 🙂

Sorry, just had to get this out!
regards Serae