Serae and boyfriend

This is me! Just after I got my new skirt posing in Nagrand (with my other half). It feels so great to have my legs covered finally.. Pants of the Naaru Pants of the Naaru were oké, but made me feel like.. well, have a look for yourself –>>

Now with my other new shinny stuff, like  Merciless Gladiator’s Salvation *grins* I am at +1700 healing. Yes, 1700 healing!
*BIG smile*.
I feel like I finally accomplished something.

I hear you think now: But Serae, how did you get that without raiding much? I wanna look that cool too! !

Legs: see above, those Pants of the Naaru are actually a quest reward, follow the link and find them. The upgraded arena ones I got from casually playing arena’s for a while.

Weapon: also see above, If you don’t have the honor yet, consider the mace from revered at the Shattered Sun Offensive. Is rather easy to get to with some regular questing on the Isle.

Head: In my case the S1 head, so go for the S2 if you don’t have anyting similar yet)

Neck:  Also a rep item Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration , need exalted.

Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Renewed life, for these leatherworking is a requirement + luck in finding the pattern on the Auction House. I bought it for some hunderds of gold, and spent another 600g on the Heart of Darknesses it needs, but well.. after doing loads of daily’s gold wasn’t really an issue. (Isn’t it there to spent on clothes anyways?)

Hands: Gloves of the Living Touch , also a leatherworking item, but boe, so you can just get it from ah or let someone else make it. Not sure about prices, in my case it was a gift:) 

Cloak: Apexis Cloak, another rep item, this time from the Ogrila . You need revered and an apexis crystal: you can summon a boss with the shards and usually they drop a crystal. I tried to kill one solo, which failed.. but with my druidfriend (see pic!) we managed to take one down, wasn’t even resto back then, druids rock!

Chest, wrist and belt: Windhawk set , requires you to be a leatherworker of course! Love this set)

Offhand: Signet of Unshakable Faith , from Moroes in Karazhan, seen it dropping several times (and I do not go that often to Kara), shouldn’t be that hard to get and else there plenty alternatives.

Boots: Forestlord Striders , also from Karazhan, Chess event in this case.

Rings: Violet Signet (quest reward Kara revered) and my brand new Vindicators Band of Salvation (honor)

Trinkets: Essence of the Martyr , from the badges vendor and a quest reward Oshu’gun Relic

So this is where I stand at now, pretty satisfied sofar with the stats. Do have a wish list lying around, but more about that later. For the looksI am more then satisfied… afterall I AM looking SIMPLY AWESOME! 🙂
Me posing