Me and Juk’Dok went on a trip last night, Darkshire we were told was a good
place for a hunt. This picture was taken halfway the road by a Night Watch. Friendly
enough guy actually [,ok.. after I made Juk’Dok stop tickling him].

Quest! Hogan: Expenses? Well I guess so, 5silver and a cookie?

No No NO
Tirza: CoW      
Hogan: I am not feeling so well, i offered you only 5 silver? Here take a gold my dear lady.
Tirza: *grins*  what about those cookies you mentioned?

                             ***Off we went to the graveyard ***                                 
Charge Juk\'D                          

undead killing spree /curse /dot /CHEER 
It only took us abouit 30min to clean the area, the cookies weren’t even completly eaten yet !
It’s a lovely creepy place.