One of my favorites is  World of Matticus not really because I am that interested in his raiding and priest tactics, but I like the way he writes, get’s to a point and the general interest , motivation and support he gives the wow blogging world.

A couple days ago An open letter to wow bloggers came out of his mind. Obviously it catched my attention or I wouldn’t refer to it here now would I? 🙂

Don’t worry about the “good” part until you get the “blog” part down.

/sigh Time management ftw

It’s known as fear of failure.

Made me feel like a lil kid ‘No, thats’s not true!’ It’s something.. with time and ehh… /cry. 

Don’t worry

Good point, which I often forget

Everyone works hard in the real world to maintain an image and to be the model citizen. They live to serve the expectations that society dishes out. The internet’s a great place to escape that pressure. Write something outrageous! Be daring!

Be daring, the thing I feel like I am, but when it comes to it I put myself in the corner of “doing as so many did before me”.

Get over your fear of rejection and just start writing.

This I like to rephrase.. I will not have fear of rejection, I write more and actually publish it! World dare me, I’ll dare you! !