A patch always come with alot of spoilers, weeks or months beforehand.  Provided you didn’t go on the testserver yourself, but did read the well known sites, you think to know everything there is to know. But no!
Some thing are usually not mentioned, those little things that make your life easier,  or more fun.
I put them in a neat little list for you, enjoy.

Number 1: Notes
I always been a big fan of being able to set notes to players in my friends/ignore list. Just a simple “can do X enchant” , or ” pug hunter who knew how traps work” or even a “funny gnome mage” note. Makes life easier, brains less busy and my memory just isn”t that good I can remember all those things…
So when I logged on and saw this feature I was a happy bird!

Number 2: where is that place? Having read about the new daily quests, knowing the stragey guid for the new instance by heart, you eager to start travelling to the new Island.
`Oh wait`.. where is that new island actually?? Luckely you will be told if you are in Shatt and pick a quest up from General Tiras’Alan.

I took his picture->

He tells you to go to Ironforge, you talk to the Flighmaster, and then it hits you * Close to Silvermoon *, the place with the bloodelves and the Sunwell issues in the past. At this moment you are glad you didn’t ask anyone where it was, but would have been happy if someone had showed a map next to the strategy guides , a simple map like this would have done the trick:

Number 4: The 2.4. patch makes for exciting typing, and can cause you to accidently
delete all the tekst you just wrote. and didnt save “just yet”, seeing you eager to write more *sigh*

Onwards, number 5: the Season 1 pvp headpiece is recolored!
It now looks a bit darker and matches better with the rest of Season 1 gear.

Number 6: You can mount while in Moonkin form! if you don’t understand the awesomeness of
this, well.. you probaly not a Moonkin :p

Seeing I didn’t have time to finish my post, combined with some clumpsey deleting, it only are 6 things I
could tell you about, but no worry.. next patch it be better, bigger and more juicy!