Being a druid I feel extremely powerful..I can dps, heal, turn into a bear, bird or fish, whatever the situation needs.

So ok, I feel like I am powerful, know when to switch to which form. Healed SV at lvl69, heck, healed every normal insta as solo healer (keep in mind I am not a full resto druid), and still.. I feel rather insecure about myself.

Before you think I am all that emotional, I apparently  just lack the confidence to be secure about what, how and why I do this. It’s new to me….

I know this, but I can’t accept it well, and seem not to be able to change it quickly also. I feel like a hybrid druid is the best thing in the world.. for me at least! But to defend it is hard. Is dreamstate really worth loosing the points in resto? Can I still heal now? I didn’t even dare to try yet :s

When I still played my warlock, I wasn’t afraid to explain persons in
every little detail why my demo-combined with some destro and a punch of afflic-spec was the best there was. For me personal and for the guild in general. I could tell every
warlock how good or bad their spec was, what gear they had to upgrade fast, where to
get it and how to do it. Even if ppl disagreed, I knew I was right.
This not even being arrogant, but after playing a class for years, trying every
spec possible, I believed I knew what I was talking about.

I so miss that now. Most ‘other druids’ I know, are feral or full resto raiders. Maybe 1 or 2
tried a moonkin, but only to do the dance and then respec again.

I hope it is only a temporary thing, I hate feeling like a newbie. My warlock I played for several years, my druid for a couple of months. It all needs time I guess. In the meanwhile I just keep reading the druidinfo that’s out here on the net, try to play in different groups and hope to find a druid mentor in game one day.

If you interested in mentoring me, the requirements are:
* You are a druid (m/f) with a love for feathers and blooms.
* You are not afraid to tell me off(, but will comfort me after you made me cry.)
* Willingness to share tips and tricks
* Patient, but not afraid to prove things the hard way if it can not be done the nice way.
* Hobbies preferable include: Exploring dungeons and killing hordes on sights.
So are you looking for a fun, challenging and most of all rewarding job, contact Serae!